How to do Saraswati Puja at Home?

How to do Saraswati Puja at Home

Happy Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja 2021

Saraswati puja is one of the most popular and essential occasions of West Bengal; however, over the years, different people and communities celebrate Saraswati puja worldwide. Saraswati puja is mainly celebrated among the students and teachers as Devi Saraswati is the goddess of study.

However, it is one of the festivals you can celebrate at your home with few necessary amenities like decorations, lights, and purohit where you can easily avail of purohit in Kolkata from your locality.

Over the years, Saraswati puja has been celebrated in schools and colleges; however, people celebrate this festival at their homes and schools in this emerging world. Therefore, there are few necessary things that you must keep in your mind while planning to celebrate the event at home.

It can also be very affordable to celebrate Saraswati puja at home in 2021 if you chalk out the event properly. Furthermore, necessary things to look at to celebrate Saraswati puja at home can be:

Hire a Purohit

Hiring a purohit is the most important thing when you are planning to do Saraswati puja at home as they are the person who will be the primary work of the puja. You can get the contact of as there are many purohits near your locality. Therefore, hiring a purohit can be one of the most straightforward jobs.

Getting a purohit on an affordable budget could be challenging work if you do not have any contact; however, you can ask your friends or relatives to help you. Furthermore, purohit is one of the most important things when you are planning for a Saraswati puja.

Time to Buy a Devi Saraswati’s Idol

While you are planning to do a Saraswati puja at home, one of the most important things can be buying an idol of Devi Saraswati. You must have an idol at your home, which you can also use for the day; however, you must buy one if you do not have any. You can also hire Devi Saraswati's idol from a nearby sculpture if you do not want to spend excessive money.

However, if you do not want to spend huge money buying an idol, you can buy a small one as different idols are available in different sizes. Furthermore, an idol is vital for the occasion as it will be the day's primary attraction.

Hire a Cook for Prasad

One of the problematic works on Saraswati puja could be arranging necessary fruits and cooking the prasad. Therefore, you should hire a professional cook for the prasad as the work can be very tiring. However, you can ask about the necessary fruits and other products you will need for the puja to the purohit before going to market.

Hiring a cook can be a bit expensive; however, it will reduce your work pressure, and you will be able to attend to your guests. If you have useful contacts at your locality, you might get a cook at an affordable price; however, you can ask your friends and relatives to help.

Decorate With Lights And Sounds

While you plan to do a Saraswati puja event at your home, one of the most important things could be hiring necessary lights and sounds. You will quickly contact people providing these amenities as various people in Kolkata provide the best light and sound services. However, it can get expensive if you do not have an idea about the prices; therefore, take the help of your relatives or friends who have organized the event at home.

If you are keeping an event, you must decorate it with lights, and there must be the availability of sound as other than lights and sounds, your event may look dull. Therefore, you need to hire or buy the necessary lights and music system to give life to your event.

Make Accommodation for Guests

One of the most important things to do when planning to do a Saraswati puja at home can be inviting people and making necessary accommodations for them. You need to be the host of the day and take care of your guests' necessities.

Creating accommodation for hosts and serving them well could be one of the most important things as it will bless your event with a festive ambiance. Furthermore, it is essential to buy extra things as you may have to attain guests who you could not invite. Therefore, making accommodation for your guests could a primary thing that you must look after.

Plan on Performing Arts and Activities

One of the most engaging that you can to keep your event alive is performing arts or activities. You do not need to hire any professional artist for this as you can ask your friends or relatives to sing. In this way, you can get some sure shot performances at your Saraswati puja event.

You can also ask your guests to perform something they are good at, which can be a very healthy way of showing talent to each other. You can ask the kids of your family to perform something. In this way, you will get some sure shot performances that will help you to keep people engaged in your event.

Hire Decorators to Decorate the Whole Set

One of the best ways to ease down the pressure of decoration could by hiring decorators to decorate the whole set of your Saraswati puja event. One of the most necessary things could be decorating the set with flowers. It is one of the traditional functions; therefore, you must search for the best flower decorators in Kolkata who will decorate your set.

However, you can also make the decoration load if you do not want to spend money on decorators; however, professional help can make your event look beautiful. With a little bit of research and contact, you can get decorators at an affordable price.

What’s The Takeaway?

Celebrating Saraswati puja at home can be one of the arduous tasks as there are several things to look at; however, if you plan it properly, you can easily pull off the event. Therefore, if you are confused about handling a Saraswati puja event at home, you must refer to this blog.

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