How to Move Your Home Essentials to a New Address?

How to Move Your Home Essentials to a New Address?


How to Move Your Home Essentials to a New Address?

Are you planning to shift to a new flat in North Kolkata? Moving into a new house is always exciting. However, it brings in truckloads of challenges and complications in moving the old furniture to a new space. Even if your new residential space is a stone’s throw away from your old address, you will get into a tight spot without proper planning. You may opt for the professional movers and packers to shift hassle-freely, but this might dig a hole in your pocket. However, you can ace the deal all by yourself if you consider following these tips –

  • Arrange Adequate Boxes

Begin with arranging numerous boxes of different sizes. Use a big-sized box to pack heavy stuff like utensils, furniture, decor pieces, books, et al. Pack the lighter items such as pillows, bed-sheets, clothes, etc. in smaller boxes. While loading the vehicle or truck with such boxes, ensure that you keep the larger or heavier boxes towards the front side. This will help you strike a balance among every box, which you will carry to your new apartment in Kolkata.

  • Pack Glass Items with Care

Be careful when packing the glass items. Glass items like plates, figurines, porcelain decor pieces, etc. are extremely fragile and highly prone to breakage. Make sure to bubble wrap these items so they don’t shatter into pieces while shifting. While packing the glass dishes, saucers and cups, ensure that you wrap cotton around them. Pack these items together with some spare newspapers to ensure optimum safety. A heap of old papers would be perfect to paddle above and below such glass stuff.  

  • What about Home Appliances?

Refrain from treating electronic appliances such as TV, computer, refrigerator, etc. like any other piece of furniture. Choose larger and sturdier boxes to pack the major home appliances. Take at least two boxes to pack each electronic appliance. For example, put the television in a sturdy box at first. For further care and safety, tuck this box into another bigger carton or box. These boxes are required to be loaded with a lot of packing papers. The larger electronic appliances i.e. AC, fridge, washing machine, etc are difficult to move. These items require some kind of un-installation as well. Involve the experienced technicians to uninstall them. Pack such un-installed stuff in some larger and sturdier cartons so they get transported safely to your new address.

  • Buckle up for Shifting

It’s not a cakewalk to shift bag and baggage. It entails a lot of complications and challenges to make a shift to a new home. It’s not just about moving your home-essentials to your flat in North Kolkata. Apart from a great deal of physical exhaustion, a lot of emotional upheavals are also there in the entire process of bidding adieu to old space and moving into a new one. After all, you are going to leave behind some unforgettable memories. This is why, you must prepare yourself emotionally, as well as, physically to brave out every hindrance with success.

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