How To Plan A Theme Birthday Party At Home?

Theme Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties are fun. There’s no age barrier to the excitement. Instead of wasting time searching for venues, why don’t you plan the big day at home itself? Along with designing the beautiful event, you can also call up the best catering services for home parties to serve you delicious food. Coming up with ideas at the very last moment seems over problematic, but this blog shall help you to curate ideas. Let’s have a look at the write-up below to know more about the topic.


Create A Budget

Knowing how much to spend is the most crucial factor in planning a themed birthday party. This type of birthday party requires a little contribution from your pockets. Decide the birthday under categories like food, decorations, event planners, games, entertainment, etc. When you don’t know the amount you will spend, it will always feel like you have spent more. You must concentrate first on how to save money while having the best birthday party. Instead of buying things altogether, you can also try borrowing stuffs.


Knowing The Guest List

You can’t just invite guests haphazardly. You must know whom to call. Knowing the number of people joining your birthday party will help you efficiently plan things. Once you see the estimated guest list, you will get to know the amount of space required, seating, food order, drinks, and favors altogether. If it’s for your child, then you must decide whether you will call their friends or also the family member along with it. You can also plan for two different parties, one with family members and the other with friends.


Prepare And Send Invites 

You must create an innovative and artistic invitation for your guests if you don’t have the creativity. You can search online for customizations and print them accordingly. Make the invitation card based on the theme you have chosen. And now it’s ready to attract your guests and make them feel excited about your happening birthday party.


Decide The Party Theme

We tend to stick towards a movie character or favorite actor. Themed birthday parties are similar to Halloween parties. You can choose any theme you want. A girl and a boy have specific gender choices. Call it balloons, flowers, decorations, etc. They all must be theme-centric. Age-based birthday parties let people enjoy themselves with their full hearts. If it’s a kid party, then superman, spiderman, princesses are some of the best birthday themes. Just concentrate on making your guests cherish the moment and make your birthday party the most memorable one.


Purchase The Party Supplies

This point is the core center of planning a birthday party. Hosting a party is a hazardous job, and it fails if not done correctly. Always buy all the party essentials items in bulk to avoid running to the market in between the party. Try being a good bargainer and get stuffs within budget. In today’s world, people seem to purchase almost every item online. Buy things that go directly with the theme, or you can seek a professional event organizer to guide you with all of these. Make sure you keep themed return gifts for your guests. They will love it for sure.


Implement On The Menu

A birthday party is incomplete without a special food menu. The food served must be easily accessible, and it should soothe the guests’ taste buds. Even if it’s your birthday, you must serve food according to what your friends like. First, for a hit menu, keep finger foods like nuggets, potato fries, sandwiches, muffins, small pizzas, appetizers, etc. Search online for different finger food recipes, and you’ll get to know about them.


Second, beverages are a fantastic and mandatory option. Avoid keeping alcohol. If your birthday falls during the summer season, lemonades and mint mojitos are the perfect options. Teens prefer Iced tea and orange juice for refreshment. For cake, you must pre-order it to avoid getting delayed. If you are into baking your cake, then go for it.


Prepare All The Decorations

While planning the final items for decorations, try to incorporate most things from home and use them in the party. Be as creative in your approach. Use drapes that perfectly go with your theme. Say if it’s Cinderella, use blue or white drapes. Cups, plastics, stickers, and all must be of the same color too. If it’s a night party, glow objects are the best option. You must go with colorful balloons that brighten the party. Also, use flowers that go with the theme. They can add a beautiful aroma to the party.


Hire Themed Party Costumes

Not all shops offer the costume of your choice. In such a case, you must go for costumes on hire that match your theme. You just need to find shops for rental clothes as per your location. Costumes are also an essential part of the birthday event. Without it, the whole party seems dull. Ensure that you hire the best costume out of all.


Enjoy The Themed Party

After everything, what’s a party without enjoyment and fun? So, make sure that you and your guests enjoy together to the fullest. Keep a check of all the items in the list, whether all are in their places. The party must be satisfactory both to your guests and yourself. Monitor if your guests require anything and there’s enough food for all. If you wish to enjoy without any monitoring work, hire an event planner to do the rest of the work for you.


Wrap Up Time

As you have reached the end of this article, I hope this blog has helped you curate the best ideas for a themed birthday party at home. A house is where we belong, and why not use our nest to enjoy our birth date? At present, you don’t need to worry about decorations and planning anymore. Due to India’s top listing portals, it has become a cakewalk to find verified and authorized experts within a service hunter’s proximity. The free business listing portals that help you find the right service at your preferred location fulfilling your search criteria, be it an event planner, event management company, party organizer, costume rental shops, balloon decoration services, etc.

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