How to Prepare Seriously for the IIT JEE Exam?

 IIT JEE Exam Preparation

IIT JEE exams are around the corner, and do you need some advice? Don’t worry. This blog has got you covered. Preparing for this examination can be the ever rewarding task you’ll ever do. Having a solid base in pure science subjects that includes physics, chemistry and maths opens up many career opportunities in the future. Over the years, the examination has evolved. One can apply for JEE main coaching in Kolkata for better guidance on this field. This blog will provide you with preparation tips for this examination. Have a great read ahead.

Efficient Time Management

You have to learn to manage your time very efficiently to prepare for this examination. Without time management, nothing can save you. It is impossible to study overnight and score the best. There is a difference between sitting with a book and actually studying it. Managing time is very vital to focus upon. You can’t just study for 18 hours a day.

These points below will help you in managing your time:

1. Complete the list of important tasks first. Study one chapter a day, don’t gulp altogether. Studying is more vital now than checking your social media account.

2. Don’t run into distractions easily. You must learn to say no to friends and family gatherings. A little refreshment is good but not all the time. If you lose these two years, you will never get it back. Friends and families can wait for you.

3. Implement on giving more effort each day. Giving no efforts will push us towards failure. Thus, don’t slack off thinking you’ll start preparation from the next day.

4. Turn your tasks into a habit. Make it a habit to revise the previous day’s preparation every day. Once you continue this task for one month straight, it will eventually turn into a habit.

5. Set a time duration for your tasks. Give one-hour per subject, and you’ll be able to study without any interruption. Don’t keep something easy for 4 hours that you can do within 1 hour. Your brain will automatically slow the learning process.

Plan a Study Schedule

The next tip is planning a study schedule. Having a number of tasks to complete for a day will boost your brain from the time you get up. Time management and planning both are relatable to each other.

With the steps below, you can plan your schedule easily:

1. Grab yourself a pen, calendar, and notebook. Ensure to utilize every bit of your time. Organize your study time based on the calendar dates. Do not waste your time.

2. Plan your schedule wisely. Keep time for self-study, and remember to take short breaks in between.

3. Don’t forget the health and fitness. Keep separate time for exercises, fitness, and yoga. Bad health can be the reason for your lack of concentration and failure.

4. Logically plan your daily activities. You can carry your notebook while visiting a cafeteria.

5. Whenever in between you feel sleepy, don’t fall asleep. Instead, take a stroll around the house or the library.

6. You need to study and enough sleep in a balanced way. One can’t just study all the time.

Attend the Coaching Classes

Self-study is important, but you need to join IIT JEE entrance coaching in Kolkata for crystal clear guidance for this examination. Having clear knowledge can help you score good marks. Nowadays, aspirants can also join online coaching classes that provide all the study materials. They can also download the lecture video for future reference.

With such advantages, you should not miss out on coaching classes. You can choose any of the two options, either a physical coaching class or an online coaching class, as per your conveyance. As per reports, about 40% to 50% of students are resorting to online classes.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

An exam preparation is incomplete without solving its previous years’ question papers. There is nothing called a new question. IIT JEE tests their students year by year based on similar concepts and checking the students’ credibility. Keep in mind that questions do repeat.

Solving such questions can help you understand the teacher or professor’s mind who is setting these question papers. By solving these questions more and more, you’ll be able to tackle any question easily.

Practice the Test Series

Practice can make you perfect in any field. If you wish to rank higher, you need to practice the concepts. As per science, any neutral activity in the brain that involves more practice leads to the growth of Myelin. It’s a tissue that helps you in mastering anything. Not only this, you need to practice your concepts in a challenging way.

The online platform allows you to practice unlimited questions under various difficulty levels and sharpens your skills. You can also join the All India Test Series to test your skills against many students in the same field. With this, you will also get to know your weak areas. However, remember to practice both the easy and tough problems daily.

Once you are well-paced with the above tips, check the below points on how you can prepare for this examination subject wise:


1. Before you go for any higher-level books for physics, make sure you are thorough with NCERT.

2. Try to follow the books of HC Verma. Its concepts are beautiful and explained in a very playful way.

3. Follow and keep track of your school and college materials. This thing will solve half of your problems.

4. Have the perfect base in concepts. Having a clear concept can make you solve any problem.


1. For best possible clarity, refer to NCERT chemistry books along with those huge fat books.

2. Once you are thorough with NCERT books, you can refer to other standard books. Don’t start with standard books from the start; this might waste your time.

3. Remember that taking notes is very important for this subject. Make sure you note down each key point and continue to refer to them. Go through all of these points before bedtime.

4. Maintain sticky notes. Keep all of these over your room. In this way, you can remember all things.


1. Continuous practice is the only key to mathematics. Try to maximize it from wherever you can.

2. Keep its formulas and concepts at its fingertips. Remember every shortcut. Don’t make the mistake of deriving a formula during the exam. This thing will consume more time.

In A Nutshell

As we have reached the end of this blog, I hope this blog will help you prepare for the examination. Don’t take stress and just follow the above steps. All the best for your upcoming exam.

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