How to Spend Valentine’s Day If You are Still Single?

How to Spend Valentine’s Day If You are Still Single?

How to Spend Valentine’s Day If You are Still Single?

It’s not easy to be single especially on a Valentine’s Day! However, singlehood is enjoyable for those, who lack interest in commitments and value liberty over everything in this world. On the contrary, it could be a nightmare for those, who are wallowing due to their inability to find true love. Don’t mistake your single status for a misfortune or a bummer. You need no partner to make you feel special. In fact, you can enjoy V-day to the fullest even if you are not in love. Go by these V-day special ideas to celebrate love in a unique and fun way. Take a look –

  • Spread Love Everywhere –

Who says that 14th February is only exclusive to a romantic affair? It is the day of celebrating love in general. Drop by at a nearby flower shop and scoop up some fresh flowers for your parents, siblings, best friends or colleagues. Nothing feeds the mind more than making others happy and smile.

  • Munch on Your Favourite Food –

You need not buy into the idea that you require another person to go for a brunch or dinner on a Valentine’s Day. If you genuinely love food, then tuck into one of the best restaurants in Kolkata to treat your taste-bud. While choosing an eatery near you, make sure to keep your budget and food preference in mind. For an example, if you are a vegetarian, opt for a restaurant that only serves vegan dishes at reasonable prices.  

  • Ask Your Single Pals to Join –

Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day used to be exclusive only to the romantic couples. The millennials are more into celebrating self-love. If you don’t have anyone to take out on the Valentine’s Day, ask your single friends to join you. There must be a bunch of people in your gang who are still single and clueless about their V-day plans. How about asking them to plan a get-together at a reputed café in Kolkata? Make sure to keep the budget and location preferences in mind when choosing a café near you.

  • Watch Good Movies –

Who says that you have to take your lover in tow to watch a movie on V-day? You can ask your friends to accompany you to hit the theatre on the Valentine’s Day. If you have no qualms watching a movie alone, then go solo. Take some time to pick a good movie to celebrate the year’s most lovey-dovey day to the fullest.

So, What’s the Plan?

Hope that we have given you enough ideas to spend the upcoming Valentine’s Day with utmost excitement. There is no dearth of restaurants, theatres, etc. in Kolkata. Wondering how to find the right V-day friendly place near you? Maybe, you should let Haarway ace the deal on your behalf. Being one of the best business listing companies in Kolkata, Haarway aims to bridge the gap between sellers/businessmen and consumers all across Kolkata. Plus, Haarway won’t take even a penny to help you find the best V-day venue near you. Don’t waste any more time! Start preparing your V-day plan right now.

 Happy Valentine’s Day, in advance!


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