Ideas to Make Your Holi a Celebration to Remember Forever

Holi Party 2022

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable festivities in our country. It's vibrant with colour, music, dance, cuisine, and pleasure. It represents the triumph of virtue over evil and is widely commemorated in practically every country.

Because Holi is a community celebration enjoyed in big groups, it is a terrific idea to host a Holi party and invite your joyful bunch so you can have a nice time. Furthermore, this keeps the celebration secret and secure.  If you're like us and organizing a Holi 2022 celebration at home or outside, here are eight ideas to make your Holi party a smashing success!

8 Splashing Ideas for Holi 2022

1. Rang Barse 2022

Because Holi is not a formal celebration, you do not need to send out formal invitations to your guests. You only need to make a few phone calls to figure out how many people will be attending your Holi celebration at home. 

Give everyone a call a day or two before the event to see any last-minute cancellations or additions. You may even respectfully remind them of the time and date through SMS, perhaps only a day before.

2. Amitabh Bachchan Never Goes Out of Style

Holi and Bollywood are almost synonymous. With Bollywood creating songs about Holi regularly and honouring us with ironic dance routines, make this year's Holi theme Bollywood- style. People might obtain Holi invitations in a completely filmy way. 

You may also have it in a completely filmy way. You may also have a Bollywood dress code; it would be a lot of fun to witness multiple Amitabh Bachchans and Ranbeer Kapoors your party dressed in their way.

3. Khana is the Khazana

Samosa, biryanis, Gulab jamuns are all typical Indian treats that your visitors will enjoy. Arrange dishes of fruits and vegetable salads for enhanced natural colour. Thandai, the traditional Holi drink, is popular, so make enough of it. Add some variation with Jal jeera and rasna and a few cocktails and mocktails alternatives. 

4. Click the Holi Out

With so much water, colour, and craziness flowing around, individuals may be hesitant to pull out their iPhones in search of those golden moments' clicks. Instead, hire a party planner in Kolkata as they can provide you with an amazing photographer to do it. You will not be sorry for the honey you spent on this one.

5. Let Balam Pichkari Be the Holi Anthem

A Holi celebration isn't complete until Balam Pichkari plays in the background, and it's even better if it's live music! Book a band to perform some of your favourite songs, from classic Holi ke Din to Do me a favour, let's play Holi. Play loudly and have a grand party.

6. Give Your Stay a Colourful Change

Tea lights and diyas may be used to illuminate every area of your home. Set up a combination of bright and mood lighting that you may alternate between depending on the party's atmosphere. 

Do a fast, low-cost update for the party if you don't have time or money to perform a full interior update right now. Clear some of the furniture to make room for a makeshift dance floor. You'll have people swaying to the music, so push some furniture items, such as side tables, to the corners.

7. Enjoy the Party with Games

Plan to play some fascinating activities your guests may engage to make the celebration even more enjoyable. Games may be easy as tug of war or music chair or design some one-minute activities, such as filling the most water balloons in a minute.  If you have a shortage of furniture or party accessories, you can easily rent them from any planners and get chair on rent in Kolkata to make your party more fun.

8. "Jal hi Jeevan" Should be in Mind

There is no Holi without rangolis on the floor and colour play. In either case, choose colours that are dry, organic and eco-friendly. Avoid using water-based colours to splash on each other instead, use flowers. Book a pocket-friendly restaurant in Kolkata to get set with the Holi party for larger gatherings where you think there would be more eatables and play. 

Ho-Ho-Holi Hain!

With these ideas, we assure you that this year will be a blast of Holi. Use these tricks to celebrate this Holi with all the fun.

FAQs about Holi

1. How to save hair and skin from Holi Colours?

Use coconut hair oil before 24 hours to playing Holi. Put a lot of sunscreens on your face and the exposed body parts to keep Sun tanning at bay.

2. Is Covid still an obstacle for Holi?

Covid is still in the air! Hence you should take all the safety precautions and check your state guidelines for Holi.

3. What should be taken care of before moving into a Holi party?

The place should have plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated and keep your head covered to avoid strokes in the sun.

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