Impact Of Corona Virus On Education Sector In Kolkata!

covid-19 effects

The most significant thing for which all the working sectors worldwide come to a pause is the break out of Covid-19. It has forced people to stay back in their houses to avoid spreading the diseases. Therefore, like the other sectors education system got affected by Corona, where the students and teachers are forced to stay in their houses by pausing the academic syllabus. Various tuition classes, including school tuition classes in Kolkata, have been brutally affected due to the pandemic as nobody can access the convenient places.

Although the education system had a pause for few months due to the pandemic, it has resumed where you can encounter new systems in different sectors to keep the workflow smooth without getting affected by the diseases. However, these new systems have been proved difficult adapting as nobody was habituated with the system. Even now, at different corners of the country, people are finding inconvenient situations as they do not have certain necessary things. Therefore, you can understand that the Corona Virus has brutally affected the country and different sectors. Furthermore, various things that people are trying to adapt after Corona are:


Forced To Adapt The New System

Due to the Coronavirus in the world, people have been forced to stay at their homes and do work; however, many people have faced inconvenient situations while adapting to this work culture due to the unavailability of resources. One of the significant changes that the education system is experiencing is virtual education. The students are no longer have to go to school and colleges to take in-person lectures. As the government has made some mandatory guidelines regarding the safety of health, education systems are making themselves more flexible with the online education system.

However, it is a bit difficult to adapt to the online medium of education, and the technology can benefit students as they can get the necessary individual attention from the teachers. Also, you can get complete study materials from the teachers through this new medium as it is easily accessible. However, still, there are students who are facing inconvenient situations due to the unavailability of resources which can be a problem, so we can understand that there are advantages and disadvantages of online classes. Furthermore, adapting to the new system is one of the primary impacts of Covid-19.

New Medium To Ensure Learning

Covid-19 has forced people to stay home in the middle of the pandemic; therefore, people have to think about the new medium which will help them to do their work in easier ways. However, the same thing has happened to the education system, where the students and the teachers have to stay back at home by keeping different coaching classes at a pause, including language coaching classes in Kolkata. However, the teachers and the government came up with an idea where they used to deliver the study material through television; thus, it spread to more students. Although, there are many applications through which teachers can conduct online classes such as:


  • Zoom Meeting
  • Skype
  • Google Meet


Therefore, these are few established online mediums through which teachers and students can do their classes without facing any inconvenient situation. However, the only thing that requires to do online classes is a sufficient amount of fast internet access.  Furthermore, the emergence of this new way is one of the impacts that Coronavirus has put on the world.


Emergence Of The Educational Applications

Educational applications are the latest invention of people where you have to sign in to the applications to get ready-made study materials for convenient subjects. You can also consult with various teachers regarding your queries and attend various online exams through these applications. These online applications are very easy to use and have no specific time around which you have to attend the classes. Therefore, the educational applications that you can use are:


  • Byju’s
  • Vedantu
  • Speedlabs
  • Schoolguru Eduserve


Therefore, these are the latest educational applications that you can use to take convenient help regarding your subjects. One of the best things about the apps is that you can access this app at your convenient time to attend lectures as the videos are already created and uploaded on the sites. Furthermore, the emergence of educational applications in the midst of pandemic is one of the primary impacts of the Corona Virus.


A Rise In Online Exam And Schooling Process

Due to the pandemic where most of the work in the education system is happening online, the government has declared the schools and colleges to take online examinations for the safety of the students. Therefore, there is a wide change in the exam pattern as the authority of different institutions have to give up the traditional way of taking exams and conduct school. Nowadays, due to the breakout of the Coronavirus, students are forced to stay present for the online classes that the different schools are conducting.

However, one of the significant things that have happened due to the online classes is the teachers can take classes at their whenever they want by discussing them with their students. However, the students and the teachers have to maintain the regular school hours and the interval of periods. Furthermore, online classes and online exams are few primary changes that happened due to the Coronavirus.


In A Nutshell

Covid-19 is one of the most brutal diseases that the world is facing right now as this disease can get spread in crowded places; thus, it is recommended to stay home in the pandemic. However, staying home has negatively impacted various markets, which made people think about different other ways to complete the work. Therefore, these are few necessary changes that have happened in the education system due to the Corona Virus.

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