JEE Advanced 2021: Subject Wise Suggestions for Candidates

JEE 2021

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Advanced is one of the most important exams for IIT aspirants. This exam is the turning point for the examinees. Once the exam gets cleared, the students get entry into the elite IITs, and the whole career path from then is enviable. There are many Entrance coaching in Kolkata to guide you in this career path and prepare you for the exams.

To appear for this exam requires you to crack JEE Main and make your place among the top 2,50,000 students. It seems quite disheartening and challenging, right? Nothing is tough with excellent preparation and hard work. Therefore, this blog will provide you with subject-wise suggestions for JEE Advanced 2021. Have an informational read ahead.

Subject Wise Suggestions for JEE Advanced 2021


1. Ensure that you strengthen your basics for this subject. Practice and revise the basics before you start with the syllabus.

2. Physics is all about testing your logical skills. Exercise and make your brain’s logical power strong for deeper and thorough learning.

3. First, follow the NCERT books. Reference books of HC Verma and DC Pandey will help you create a strong grip and basics for this subject.

4. Once done with specific topics, practice and attempt questions that are given at the end of each chapter. This process will help in better understanding.

5. Refer to multiple varieties of physics workbooks to solve different questions under one particular topic.

6. Keeping track of your school and college materials will solve half of your problems.

7. Make sure you have a clear concept at the end of each chapter.

8. Try to emphasize more on electromagnetism and mechanics since these are the crucial topics of this topic.


1. You should make notes for each topic since chemistry is all about theory, equations, and reactions.

2. Don’t waste your time starting with standard books at first.

3. Always give a quick revision after finishing one topic. Note down all the reactions and equations in one notebook.

4. Physical chemistry is less tough than inorganic chemistry. Therefore, emphasize more on inorganic chemistry since it gives a toll on your memory.

5. Practice very hard each day so that you don’t forget anything easily.

6. Try to maintain sticky notes, spread them all over your room.

7. For all chemistry lessons, NCERT books are the best choice.


1. Practice makes a man perfect. Thus, you need to practice mathematics every day. It’s the golden rule to crack any mathematics examination.

2. Follow the shortcut methods learned from JEE main coaching centers and your mentors. These shortcut methods are useful in remembering numerous formulas.

3. Keep all the formulas and concepts ready at your fingertips.

4. Clear all your concepts on algebra and calculus.

5. Make sure to give special attention to chapters like coordinate geometry, vectors, definite integration, matrices, and determinants.

6. Speed up on solving questions on Vector and 3D topics. Make sure to attempt them, or you will miss them out on the exam.

Additional Study Tips for JEE Advanced 2021

From the above, you have got to know about subject-wise suggestions for JEE Advanced 2021. Candidates must have a solid and proper study plan for this examination. Students should know a few tricks and tips to crack this examination. Follow the tips below.

1. Know the Syllabus- The candidates must go through the exam’s official website and collect the syllabus before starting with the preparation. Once you know the syllabus, you can determine which topics to follow and create a good timetable.

2. Practice on a Regular Basis- Studying every day is an absolute necessity. Practice regularly and take short tests to test your skills. With intense practice, you can crack every exam easily.

3. Focus More on Analytical Areas- Most JEE Advanced questions are analytical in nature. Candidates must focus on solving the analytical sections of the syllabus. Along with this, also solve various numerical questions since they will cover a larger portion of the question paper.

4. Appear for Mock Tests- Mock tests are the best way to practice for an online entrance exam. By appearing for the mock test, students get to know about the exam pattern, syllabus, timings, and various other details by appearing for the students. Mock tests also help the students know their performance among the pool of other students in the same field.

5. Effective Time Management- Effective time management is the key to success. Every student must create a time schedule to complete the syllabus within an estimated time period. Proper planning is necessary for JEE Advanced exams. Divide the subjects strategically and make sure to give enough time to revisions and mock tests.

6. Books and Study Materials- Books and study materials are the most critical part of this exam preparation. With the absence of books and study materials, you will be confused with the vast syllabus and exam pattern. Prefer books that follow simple language and are straightforward.

7. Solve Previous Years Question Papers- To crack JEE Advanced, you must solve all the previous years’ question papers. This practice will also improve your skills. Through previous years’ papers, you’ll get to know the difficulty level of the questions. For better results, you can practice the mock test question papers.

8. Stay Physically Fit- You need to stay fit both physically and mentally. Students have to follow a proper diet chart that includes proper eating, a nutritious diet, and enough sleep. Don’t skip your sleeping routine to study the whole day. Practice yoga and meditation to keep refresh your mind. Don’t overstress yourself and stay positive.

9. Make Revision a Habit- The most effective way of learning is revision. Students need to make it a habit to revise daily from books, sample papers, and online mode. Revise through conceptual and application-based questions.

The Final Takeaway

Thus you now know the subject-wise suggestions for JEE advanced and few study tricks. The main key factor in cracking this examination is strong belief and determination. All the best for the exam ahead!

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