JEE Exam Preparation: Offline vs Online Coaching Classes

Offline Vs Online Coaching Classes

The Covid-19 pandemic made us shift to do things from home; this also includes coaching and studying. At present, almost everything depends upon technology and digital media. The most important exam, JEE mains, provides huge preparation time for students, but they are now disrupted between online and physical JEE main coaching in Kolkata.

Taking coaching classes for this exam is the most common path chosen by students. This blog will explore both the mediums and provide a better understanding. I hope after this blog on offline coaching vs online coaching, you’ll be able to take a wise decision.

Absence of Quality Coaching

India doesn’t fall short of quality coaching, but some areas fail to provide quality coaching for competitive exams. If in case you reside in a location where quality coaching is absent, you can easily opt for online classes. You can learn via live sessions and online classes. Some institutions provide a digital version of their classes; you can choose any of these based on your need and preparation level.

The Time Management Factor

Students can save time while taking online classes. They don’t have to waste extra time on traveling as it’s all home-based. You just need to sit with your phone or laptop and be ready for classes. The extra time wasted can be used in other useful work like revision or preparation.

Flexible Study Schedule

Physical coaching classes follow an exact time schedule upon which the students need to be present. In online coaching classes, students can study according to their schedule. This medium is flexible. For offline classes, students need to follow a strict timetable. There is no change in it.

Budget and Expense Limit

Often, many cannot afford the high fees in offline coaching classes. If you even do self-preparation, you can avail study materials for selective subjects and follow various recorded video lectures via online mode. Numerous experienced teachers records such videos to guide the students on difficult topics. You possess the freedom to choose the chapters or selected subjects that will help you prepare within your budget.

The Amount of Interaction

With online classes, the level of interaction is low and difficult. For offline mode, there can be enough interaction. Students can freely ask their teachers questions and discuss among their friends as soon as the class ends. However, online classing are trying their best to increase the interaction level via live sessions and chat.

Study Materials for Preparation

Online coachings will send you all the updated materials that you can study to prepare for your examination. Offline coaching classes also provide study materials. Along with a regular supply of study materials, the teachers also provide additional important notes for each subject or topic. Thus, you can get study materials via both mediums, but you need to rely on physical classes for additional notes.

The Self-Study Preparation

For online mode, students have to depend upon themselves completely and plan out their studies. The teachers will help for sure, but it’s upon the students for self-study. In offline mode, students are surrounded by teachers. These teachers ensure that the students keep pace with the class preparation. Thus, if you are dependant completely on the teacher’s guidance, offline classes are a better option.

The Teaching Technique

Classroom coaching centers follow the same old chalk and duster to explain a class of 100 students. Many times students find it difficult to spot the letters on the board from far. On the contrary, teachers guide their students in understanding difficult sections via digital classes via animations, videos, and 3D images.

During classes, the teachers teach by portraying examples; this helps in better understanding the concepts and helps them in retaining the information for a longer period of time. If you wish to be noticed by teachers and avoid the crowd, opt for JEE digital coaching classes.

The Motivation Level

With digital coaching, students become less motivated to keep pace with their study schedules. It depends upon the students to motivate themselves. In the case of offline classes, students can’t lose their motivation. Its level remains high. Students have to be present in the class physically and follow a tight schedule.

Face to Face Communication

For students looking for interaction with other fellow students and teachers, the best choice is physical classes. Traditional classrooms allow you to interact with others to learn new things or techniques regarding tricky and challenging topics. Sometimes, this process helps you to clear doubts which the teacher even can’t solve for you.

The Attention Span

The attention span for students is limited, say for 45 minutes long. In digital classrooms, you can pause the videos at any time and take a short break in between. You are free to refresh your mind in between. Offline lectures continue for 2 hours straight. Once you lose attention, the whole lecture goes in vain, and you might miss important notes.

As we have known, the information behind which mode is better online vs offline classes. Do you know? There is the availability of hybrid coaching classes. You will know the meaning of such classes from below.

What is the meaning of Hybrid Coaching?

JEE mains experts have introduced a new term called the hybrid coaching classes. Many say hybrid coaching classes are the best alternative for the new normal period since the pandemic. In such a case, students can attend the online classes and visit the classrooms twice or thrice a week. With this, students can use both the mediums and enhance their preparation; via this method, the online classes and offline classes can ramble with one another.

In A Nutshell

Both the online and offline classes have their advantages and disadvantages. The real thing is how you benefit yourself in the end. If you fall short of enthusiasm and confidence, then nothing can save you. Your one decision can make a huge impact on your JEE examination. Therefore make a wise decision while choosing either online or offline entrance coaching in Kolkata.

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