Make Your Christmas Merry with These Drool-Worthy Dishes

Make Your Christmas Merry with These Drool-Worthy Dishes

So, this is one of the most interesting times of the year. Right now, we are on the cusp of the ending of an old year and the onset of a brand-new one. Christmas is right around the corner and the much-awaited New Year celebration is not that far, either. A fun-filled celebration is the need of the hour, indeed! Any event, which calls for a grand celebration is incomplete without great food. This year, if you want to revel in the upcoming Christmas or New Year celebration a bit unusually, ditch heaving night-outs and jazz up with some good foods.

Here are some Christmas special dishes that you must try to treat your taste-buds –

  • Chocolate Tart –

No celebration is fun without chocolates! You may love it or hate it, but preparing a Christmas-special edible without a hint of chocolate is not a possibility. If you have had enough of gorging on those cheesy cheese-cakes, give no-fuss chocolate tarts a shot. As the name suggests, it is absolutely fuss-free to churn out a no-fuss tart. All you need is some chocolate cookies, melted butter, fresh cream, and dark chocolate to prep this up. Garnish it with some finely cut fresh strawberries. Voila! You are done.

  • Devil’s Pastry –

Don’t get deluded by the name! Devil’s pastry is one of those super-yummy edibles, which can melt your heart almost in an instant. The list of essential ingredients to prep this pastry is a wee bit long, but don’t you fret. Arrange brown sugar, butter, flour, baking powder, eggs, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, coffee powder, fresh cream, and vanilla extract to churn out Devil’s Pastry. Even though the making process is anything but simple, it’s worth all the effort.

  • Banana Cake –

Who says a Christmas special dishes cannot be devoid of chocolates? A classic banana cake will serve the purpose with equal ease. The banana cake should top your priority list especially if you are averse to delving in chocolates. Preparing a banana cake is relatively easier. Today, the Internet and YouTube are brimming with the recipes for making a banana cake. So, even if you are a novice, you can pre it up with ease.

  • Center-Filled Chocolate Cookies –

The center-filled chocolate cookies should be a staple in a brunch party or tea time. These cookies are easy to prepare and most importantly extremely tasty. These chocolate cookies have the right portion of sugar for ending the taste of several other main courses. The ingredients that you need to churn out center-filled chocolate cookies include unsalted sugar, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, salt, and chocolate chips.

A Note to Remember

This holiday season, you must infuse the festive spirit with the abovementioned Christmas special foods to make your spirit merry and bright. Wait, are you running short of time? Or, is it your aversion to entering the kitchen during the festive week holding you back from harking out a ‘yes?’ Perhaps, you can sign up with Haarway and connect with India’s best of restaurants to order some of these delicious dishes. Being a new-age pathfinder, Haarway will go to a great length to get you connected with the finest eatery near you.

Why wasting time? Revel in the grand celebration of Christmas, as well as, the fast-approaching New Year in a Haarwayian way!

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