Myths About IIT JEE Preparation

Myths about IIT JEE Preparation

Have you read this meme going around recently on social media, "Exams be named as JEE and kill you from inside!"? This would make you question your life choices, but you must remember that no force in the universe could stop you from accomplishing your goals if you have a passion for this field. Understandably, JEE exam's preparation requires intense dedication and hard work that might arise the feeling of being scared. However, if you are guided by top-notch professors through various JEE main coaching in Kolkata, you are already traversing on the right path to success. 

But the road to success is not always a straight one; there will be several obstacles waiting to deter your willingness to achieve great heights. On top of everything, you have the bubble of myths surrounding JEE examination that has the potential of breaking down your spirit, but you need to uphold a brave face. We are here to debunk some of those nasty myths and help you in keeping a strong mindset. Are you ready to read a series on JEE Myth Debunked? Let us start the discussion before any further ado! 

"I will sleep through the lectures in classes 11 and 12 and then ultimately prepare for my JEE exam!" 

You clearly seem to be underlying your potential under the false pretense of "scoring high inboard does not imply that your JEE results would be at par." Although you must indeed brew different ways to prepare for both. But the foundation is built on the pedestal of what you learn in your classes 11 and 12. Yes, it does mean that you need to stop dozing off in the class and pay strict attention to each piece of information. Most of the time, students either put extra effort into their JEE preparation or for their board examination. This trap will culminate to a point wherein you are underperforming in both areas. If you want to take our advice, we suggest you plan out a schedule for each day and ensure enough time and effort for both the exams simultaneously.

"I'm a mediocre pupil, I’ll never be able to surpass the JEE Exam!" 

Do you want to know a secret? An average student with the right amount of dedication, consistency, and time management always wins the race. It is similar to the lessons learned from the story of The Hare and The Tortoise. We understand that JEE is a tough nut to crack, but who said that it is impossible? There is a space between the person who you are currently and the individual you hope to become. That space is a necessary evil because it will help you evolve a strong mindset full of confidence and zeal, ultimately helping you bridge the gap. If you are an average student, do not hide under its shadows to assert lame excuses for not being well prepared for the examination. It is high time you take this aspect positively and stay committed to the cause. 

“If I can’t study for 12 hours and more, I’ll never be able to excel in JEE exam!”

No matter what you are studying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" never gets old. Twelve or thirteen hours of monotonous studying pattern will yield much more harm than benefits. You are all human beings, and if you keep away from social life almost entirely, your surroundings will become dull and boring. You need a perfect balance, incorporating the correct proportions of diving into your books or diving into a swimming pool. You must continue doing your hobbies or anything that rejuvenates your mood. Trust us; it will help you in focusing on your preparation way better. If you ask us a simple mantra of staying motivated, we urge you to look for the activities that produce dopamine in your brain and induce pleasure to later remain active and focused on your studies. As simple as that!

"I'll devote myself to JEE preparation in the last few months because I can't stop binge-watching Netflix!" 

Now, this is purely a case of procrastination, and it's not tolerable at an overwhelming level. The sooner you commence the preparation, the better it is. Since you will have enough time to study each topic with scrutiny. So, get up from your bed to take on the world, wash your face to rid of the procrastination vibes, do some exercises to remind yourself about your goals once JEE is cleared, and sit with your books and notes. Although you are free to include leisure activities in your schedule, you cannot waste your time. "Time and tide wait for no man" imbibe the urgency of this statement and utilize it to always be on the right track. Convince yourself that you will be diligently studying for only five minutes and then witness the magic. Once you start working on something, you will not feel like leaving it midway. This is a significant way to trick your mind into learning. 

"I will only delve into my books for information."

Once you avail of the service of the best Entrance coaching centers in Kolkata, you know you will be in safe hands. With the best study materials designed by professionals having years of experience, you will have everything you need right in front of you. But that is not it; you must go beyond your books to seek knowledge about a particular topic. Thriving in the 21st century, you have the opportunity to acquire thousands of information at the swipe of your finger. Put your resources into good use and look for relevant questions and notes, previous year question papers, and sample questions, or you may even watch the Topper's video to gain an insight on achieving excellence.


When it comes to your preparation for JEE examination, it is essential to debunk specific myths to gain positive mental assurance. Follow your well-planned schedule, attain a balance between studies and life, focus on your calmness, and Voila! You are absolutely ready to take on any challenges thrown at you in the question paper.

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