NEET Entrance Exam 2021: Important Instructions And Guidelines

Neet Exam Instructions and Guidelines

The National Eligibility Entrance Test, also known as the All India Pre-Medical Test is a pre-medical test for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS, BDS, BHMS, and numerous other medical courses in government and private institutions. There are several NEET coaching classes to help you with the preparation for this entrance exam.

However, it’s quite a challenging journey and needs intense preparation with dedication. But, the results are worth it. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the examination. It regulates the results to the Directorate General of Health Services. This blog will help you with important guidelines to avoid the cancellation of the examination. Following are the instructions, have a read.

Follow Dress Pattern

You must strictly follow the dress pattern mentioned to appear for the NEET examination. Since NEET is the only UG examination in India, the participation is vast. Many will try to resort to unfair means. To avoid this, NTA has provided with strict dressing code. All candidates must follow this dressing rule strictly. Students who don’t follow such instructions will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

As per the 2021 rules, candidates must wear light clothes with half sleeves. Full sleeves are strictly forbidden. Wear only sandals and open slippers. No shoes are allowed. Candidates who follow a specific religion can report to the examination center beforehand to avoid any hassle during examination. These candidates must report on time.

The Barred Items

There will be highly sensitive metal detectors at the examination hall’s entrance gate. Candidates found possessing such items will not be allowed for the examination. NTA has issued a list of barred items, have a look at the points below:

1. Other than admit card and ID proof, no other type of stationery items, printed paper, or any other kind of paper will not be allowed.

2. Things like geometry and pencil box, calculator, pen, scale, writing pad, pen drives, easer, etc are not allowed inside the examination center.

3. You cannot carry any wristwatch, wallet, handbags, belt, cap, and ornaments.

4. Other items like microchips, Bluetooth, and cameras; these are items that candidates can use for any unfair means are barred from the examination hall.

No Electronic Devices

Students should not carry any type of electronic devices in the examination hall. It is strictly forbidden to avoid any kind of cheating tactics. Such electronic devices include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, earphones, and any other Bluetooth devices. You have to keep these devices outside the examination center and enter the hall.

Follow The Bulletin

There is an information bulletin available for the students and parents for the examination. They must strictly adhere to these instructions. Failing to follow such instruction can result in disciplinary action against you, including no entry to the examination hall and a ban from future NEET (UG) examinations. Therefore, if you don’t want to fall into such trouble, then follow the instructions.

Visit A Day Before

It is advised to visit a day before the examination day to check on the location and distance to avoid delay on the main date. The candidate should reach the examination center on time rather than being late. Whatever be the reason, a candidate isn’t allowed inside the examination hall after 1:30 pm.

Documents To Carry

You must carry the following two documents to your examination hall to proceed with the NEET exam. If you don't carry these documents, you won’t be allowed to proceed with the exam.

1. A valid admit card.

2. Carry a passport size photograph of yourself.

3. A valid ID proof.

4. PwD certificate, if any.

The Pen Color

Students must carry only blue and black ballpoint pens for the examination. These are required to write on OMR sheets, test booklets and to darken the circles for answers. Therefore, make sure you carry quality pens and not gel pens that will mess up your paper.

No Unfair Means

Candidates should not involve themselves in any unfair means in the examination. Such a thing can make you fall into deep trouble; you will be chucked out before the examination commencement. Unfair means can include cheating, talking, using electronic devices, etc.

Check Sheets Properly

Exam candidates must check the OMR sheet carefully. The OMR sheet’s Test Booklet code on side two should be the same as print on the Test Booklet, and check whether it contains the same number of pages mentioned on the page above.

Do Not Remove Pages

Candidates should not remove any pages from the Test Booklet or the OMR Sheet. Removal of any pages, and if they find any page missing from the candidate’s test booklet, then the person would be prosecuted, and it will be called a criminal action.

A checklist of more important instructions to follow:

1. The center will not make any arrangements to keep personal items like purses, mobiles, keys, etc.

2. The candidates must fix their photograph on the admit card, same as uploaded on the online application form.

3. Students can use the toilet after 30 minutes of the exam start time.

4. No candidate can leave the examination hall before concluding the test.

5. You cannot leave the hall before handing over the OMR sheet to the examination’s invigilator.

6. You must preserve the admit card properly until the seat allotment in your concerned college or institution.

7. Candidates should visit the board’s website regularly for daily updates and important announcements.

8. Till the final counseling gets completed, candidates should daily check for an email update from the board.

9. Check the information bulletin regarding the medium of question papers.

10. In the case of the translation of question papers, the English version would be the final one.

11. Do not forget to carry any items to save yourself from any hassle during examination.

12. You are to look here and there while writing the exam.

13. Keep your belongings safe.

In A Nutshell

Thus, you now know the guidelines and information for the NEET examination 2021. I hope this blog has helped you out. Since this examination needs intense preparation, you can look for NEET entrance coaching to fuel your preparation.

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