Neuromarketing: The Secrets To Social Media Marketing Success

Neuromarketing: The Secrets To Social Media Marketing Success

What is your role as a social media marketer? To leverage social media platforms in expanding your brand's reach by adhering to your target audience's opinions. Eventually, leading to an increase in website traffic and conversion rates to gain enough return-on-investment for your time, money, and effort. Is this it? It seems like it, but here is when it will become a tedious task. If you try to exploit your marketing drive without recognizing the dire need to accumulate fresh ideas and concept to surprise the audience with your creative "wow" factor. You will remain in a loop of attempting to utilize the same old strategy for today's paradigm, which ends up in a negative tone for your company. 


On the contrary, a smart marketer will understand consumers' evolving minds and harness the psychological triggers that affect their purchasing power. You see, people make around 35,000 decisions every day and tends to reach optimal evaluation when consciousness is not involved. This is the part where the notion of neuromarketing comes into play. Without getting into many complications, neuromarketing is about establishing a customer-centric marketing campaign by curating contents resonating with their cognitive place. Let us explore social media marketing's arena intertwined with neuromarketing by considering the consumer's psychological intentions.


  1. Visual Communication

Take advantage of the most advanced and fastest working system in the human body, our visual perception. It has been discovered that a person collects 90% of the information from the surrounding by the sense of sight. Also, visual learners accommodate 65% of the population. Further, an engaging visual communication plays a vital role in the modern world of social networking paradigm to increase interaction behaviour with the consumers. As more and more marketers engage themselves in creating such appealable contents, the platform gets saturated. People prefer to scroll through many until and unless they acquire something attractive and beneficial. It is advisable that the graphical elements must be able to convey the message in a limited time. This ensures that the user's interest does not decrease by an overwhelming cognitive pressure to understand the post. Visual elements like images, infographics, and videos are so compelling because they induce specific visceral responses. It brings in a change in the audience's behaviour and attitude. Such reactions happen after replacing pragmatic appeal with a spontaneous emotional act that guides the user to connect with the brand. 


  1. Mirror Neurons

While you are scrolling through your feed, you halt at an image of a beautiful household item or a handsome car, a subconscious desire asks you to have it all. Or you may even purchase a dress after witnessing it on the model only because you want to imitate that individual. If you observe someone performing a specific action in the case of videos, your brain will make you think that you were doing that piece of action yourself. Once you feel that you have engaged yourself in it, you will be more likely to implement it. Now, an image of a corpse will give a sense of remorse while a smiling image allows the audience to be in an excellent mood. If your customer feels delightful after viewing your contents, they will be inclined to associate this impression with your brand.


Now, before you assume this phenomenon as a result of magic, let us be clear that its due to a neurotransmitter called dopamine. It is released by your body when you feel pleasure and often caters to your decision-making abilities. The root cause of such consequences can be traced to what we know as, "mirror-neurons". They lead you to adore individuals who forge a sense of empathy, resembling you in how they act or the kind of thoughts they possess. So, use this knowledge to create contents which assures a strong emotional response from your audience. 


  1. Emotional Relevance


As various visual elements dominate the social media platforms, it seems fitting to get an idea of how it works wonder on your customers in triggering emotions. We have already mentioned the significance of conveying the post's message in a short span of time. It has been discovered that our brain is capable of distinguishing images that are apparent for just 13 milliseconds. It might appear to act in a blink of an eye, but it accounts for sufficient time to provoke an emotive attachment. Your brand must excel in making people feel good about the product or service by providing value to them. Your task is to resonate with your audience, but how will you achieve it? In accordance with marketing communication, there are mainly four emotions which deeply affects your clients- 


Happiness (or cheerfulness, serenity, delight)

Faith (or admiration, acceptance)

Anticipation (or curiosity, interest, suspense)

Surprise (or amazement, astonishment, ambiguity)


Analyze the kind of tone you want to set for your audience and simultaneously predict their emotional response while creating posts for your brand’s social profile. 


Here are some more compatible methods to elicit a stirring voice for your brand which will cater to forge a connection with the intended audience-


Colours And Brightness


Do you remember the serene moment when you look upon the display of various shades of colour during a sunset or the calming essence while witnessing a lush green field? This was just to remind you about the effect of colours on your psyche. It is to a point where colours have been termed as the “mother tongue of the subconscious” and declared the initial noticeable element that might impact the customer’s decisions and judgements. At times, it could be the sole reason for an individual to make a purchase. 93% of the buyers claim the packaging, logo, or signage's visual appearance as their priority, while 85% chose colours as the prime cause to transform into a buyer. 


While applying various colour tones to highlight your company's features, you must acknowledge the perception of colours could be positive or negative based on the cultural significance. For instance, red may be synonymous with love and passion, but also with violence and aggression. Similarly, pastel tints are linked with delicacy, sepia adheres to tradition and culture, while individualism is depicted by sharper hues. And bright illustrations positively suggest a sense of security, consistency, and reputation. On the other hand, dark images are linked with mystery, arouses interest, and indicate a threat. 



The subconsciousness of the human mind is inclined to follow a movement. You may recount the tales of primitive species which associated the sense of survival with movement. Still, in today’s landscape, you as a marketer may guide the viewer’s attention to focus on your product, logo, or brand’s voice. The graphics principle in motion asserts that the human eye will follow an arrow, finger, or a sight in your brand’s post, like pointing a marker or a finger towards the advertised product or allow a group to gaze on the slogan or your logo.


Use Nostalgia


When you need to make a quick decision, your mind gets in a dilemma between rational and emotional stimuli. In such a situation, the somatic markers in the brain eliminate choices and lead us to draw in a verdict that is the most effective or less likely to be harmful. It is most often linked with our past associations and memories. By leveraging nostalgia in your social media marketing campaign, you may engage customers in generating new somatic markers linked with your brand.


A recent insight into neuromarketing indicates that nostalgia inevitably influences your consumer's choices by shaping their propensity to either conform or deviate from the community, moderated by the societal ties. If the relation between people and others are weak, then introducing an experience of the past may lead to an increased desire to follow the majority and vice versa. To understand your audience's motivations, dig deep into their childhood background, generational breakdown, and emotional receptor, which will spark nostalgic sentiments. 


  1. Humanize Your Brand

Like any other human being, customers would be captivated by the idiosyncrasy of your brand. Permit them to see the actual personality of your organization organization. The unique features, products, and the offered value in a new light, barring the typical sales-related mood. Make your brand's traits and characteristics seem like a story to render a comfortable environment for people to express their ideas and opinions. This opportunity is remarkable because 92% of individuals are more likely to connect with your brand if you sustain transparency while conceiving digestible contents. They want your company to reflect who you are and how your products or services are beneficial to them. 


Use Humour


Who does not like to engage with a brand with a touch of humour shining across their character? Everyone likes to laugh and appreciates a witty yet sensible content. Significantly, the millennials and Generation Z are fonder of this trend. And 80% of the college students will remember and share your posts if it has a humorous element. 


Personalized Marketing


Do you know that you are employing a phenomenon called cocktail party effect when you use personalized contents for your clients? It is pertinent to realize that consumers still experience selective listening in the current media scenario of saturated contents. As an individual encounters several messages daily, most will sieve out based on their choice. Your brand must seize their attention and interest rather than being ignored in a pool of subjects. Personalizing contents as per the customers' requirements or the customers' past experiences should be of top priority in your marketing strategy. 


  1. Sense Of Reciprocity


The principle of reciprocity harnesses humans' willing nature to offer something in return when an individual has done some favour for you. In the marketing industry, you may cater a valuable discount for your current and potential customers as a reward for achieving an action that facilitates your business. For instance, you may lure out prospects by utilizing freebies like coupons and promotions, which compels them to connect with your products. Apart from developing a long-lasting relationship with your client, it also provides them with an incentive to share your brand’s voice within their networks, driving more referrals and leads.


What Are You Waiting For?


Just like every other scientific field, neuromarketing has been adjusted within the economic value resulting from the application of its success in social media marketing. The research grants the path to accurately identify the needs and preferences of your target audience. It stimulates their brain to subconsciously decide while scrolling through your profile. When applied strategically, it works well in the avenue of engaging more leads and form a connection. Although it might seem like an easy task, but as a beginner, you are bound to make errors. You can delegate the responsibility to Haarway in ensuring a practical route for your marketing plan. Kolkata’s premium service listing provider, Haarway will help you achieve your goals at a reasonable rate. 

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