Nightlife Trends To Adopt At Your Bar In 2021

Nightlife Trends To Adopt At Your Bar In 2021

Where are our night owls who are dying to pick their moment after the unprecedented events of 2020? We are aware that the hospitality industry crawls under some of the worst-hit areas because of the pandemic. But now that it has become a distant memory, owners are adapting themselves to new trends. You are sure to relish the nightlife once again. So, the night owls and party people, be ready to socialise, eat and drink, and worry about your health in regard to social distancing. We will do our best in relieving your apprehensions because this year, bar owners will accommodate fresh developments to let you have you revive your fun and joyous lifestyle. 


Without any further ado, let’s dive into the unique swerves adopted at bars in 2021- 


Off-Premise Alcohol Sales


If you have not been living under a rock, you would definitely know that takeout and delivery options have been on a roll. This premise will continue to surge even in 2021 and ultimately transform into something permanent. While you were enjoying the beverages at home, you were also doing one more thing. Each time you purchased alcohol, wine, cocktail, etc., you were adding a sliver of the sales to the industry’s recovery. It has the potential to take several forms. Some of it may include the following-


Cocktail Kits- Your favorite bars started delivering DIY cocktail kits to your home during the pandemic. And if you are one of those people, you must know that they send you a premix of your fancied cocktail formula, and you just have to add alcohol to it. Voila! You have made the cocktail for your house party, and you did not even break any lockdown rules. Simple as it is!

Growler Pours- The beer growlers are perfect for storage and transportation needs. Although, the rules and regulations may vary for beer growlers in different places. But wherever this technique was implemented, it proved to be a reliable alternative for the beer connoisseurs to enjoy their desired beer crafted at the breweries. 

Whole Bottle Sales- Canned cocktails and alcohol bottles were delivered to the purchasers' houses, and it's interesting to note that it will continue this year. As the liquor inventories succumbed to the pandemic, we expect a meteoric rise in whole bottle sales by bars to hold control over their business. 


Outdoor Drinking Space


With the growing tension related to the health spectrum, people expect outdoor facilities to be safer than indoor spaces. This is mainly because the alfresco style offers more breathing area, and social distancing norms can be executed with greater ease. That is why your favorite bars might even be on board to transform their alleys, parking lots, and sidewalks into drinking spaces. These are not the only options, as the owners might even process the intention to accommodate visitors in their remodeled balconies and rooftops. We are hoping to view various creative approaches to grasp the interests of the customers in 2021. 


As a bar owner, you are considering employing this plan of action in your book of ideas, then ensure that the beers and wines are adequately displayed to the visitors. Apart from this, if there would be the necessity to build any permanent structure, do take the local council's required permission. Don’t forget about the regional residents hailing in or near your area. They could offer personal insight, which you may later analyse and tailor your outdoor drinking space based on it. 


Advanced Online Ordering


As a customer, you are more likely to visit the bar that takes extra precautions for their visitors. This establishes the point that they take accountability and hold the customer’s values in high esteem. With this being said, online ordering has been a pivotal shift to reduce human contact during the pandemic. It permits individuals to order and pay for their kinds of stuff digitally, making the process a lot easier and safer. With the technological advancements, we might witness specific enhancements in bar service too. 


By now, almost everyone is familiar with the idea of a cashless economy as people tend to pay through various digital routes. Most of the time, people would have done the needful before arriving at the destination. But nowadays, it has become a prevalent method to perform this activity onsite. So, you have the option to party at your favourite bar and reduce person-to-person contact by purchasing food and beverages digitally. It sounds cool, right? 


Digital Shops And Merchandise


This has been an ancient method (not so ancient, of course) to imbibe your company's ideals and endorse your brand’s name by merchandising. Yes, we agree that it's not a new concept, but it can be refined in 2021. You may find items like t-shirts, beer or wine glasses, and even shot glasses on the company’s website. Such goodies will always include the bar’s logo so that people are frequently in touch with their brand. This method will aid in expanding their horizon to eventually reach the potential customers. 


If you are still skeptical about stopping by your beloved bar for a night out, you would most definitely love the idea of hoarding their products at home. Because of this, most bars are strengthening their branding level and established specific improvements. They are now ready to incorporate few more selections like beer growlers and bar tools, to name a few. As a customer, show them your support and expect more innovative ideas in the future.


Sustainable Services


And here comes the need for the hour, sustainable services to reduce the Earth's waste and carbon footprint. It's not only about a bar and its customers. It's about being responsible global citizens and performing our own bits to help replenish nature. Due to this effort, you may find your preferred bar cutting down on their usage of plastic straws. They will be switching to other alternatives like paper, metal, bamboo, seaweed, and even edible straws. You might even learn that others are getting acquainted with fresh practices of creating beverages by eco-friendly methods. 


As sustainability gains traction, it’s wise to state that customers have become environmentally conscious. They expect sustainable and sensible packaging and products from the food and beverage industry. We are hoping that minimalistic cocktail styles will be on the rise, along with a humbler approach towards leftover ingredients. Sustainability should not be considered as a trend as its essential for the future of our planet. The best part about this ethical objective is that it will not impede the industry. It will indulge the owners in throwing in their creative bones for their brand and alter the industry's face. 


Stakes Are High But Are You Ready?


For bar owners, 2021 brings in a myriad of opportunities to develop a new experience for their customers. If you are not coping up with the progressing fad, you might just stay behind the curve. There is a need to diversify the revenue outlets while rendering a safe and secured space for the visitors.


From the perspective of a customer, you will be inclined to follow what your heart desires and not what society deems as a ‘trend.’ You will be focusing on what you believe and like when it comes to drinking and partying, outweighing the desire to conform to societal norms. 


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