Planning a Monsoon Wedding in Kolkata? Here’s Your To-Do-List!

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Let us be married in the RAIN and be showered in LOVE! Of course, monsoons are pretty fascinating! The water drops, the surprise rains, the earthy fragrance of newly wet ground, it's all so wonderful and romantic. While we adore the notion of a monsoon wedding, you should be aware that it is more effort for a wedding planner in Kolkata and involves additional planning.

If you're a genuine romantic at heart, you'd undoubtedly choose a romantic monsoon wedding. You don't have to cope with the sweltering, steamy summer or the freezing winter. After all, you don't want to frame your memories ruined in a drenched location.

So, stop moaning about your delayed wedding plans and start planning with these great monsoon wedding ideas. From bridal cosmetic suggestions for monsoon weddings to tips for planning a stress-free monsoon wedding, we've got you covered. After scrolling down to see these oh-so-beautiful and Instagram-worthy monsoon wedding ideas, we're sure you'll adore us.

Things to be Taken Care of For Your Monsoon Weddings

1. Firstly, The Venue

The venue is vital while organizing a monsoon wedding. Request that your wedding planner provide weatherproof tents for the outside or hire a dining venue with a beautiful garden connected to it.

Install weatherproof tents in the yard where visitors may enter the dining area. Also, provide giant valet umbrellas; you don't want your invitees getting soaked on their way to the venue.

2. Choose The Right Decor

You may acquire monsoon theme decorations for your one-of-a-kind monsoon wedding. Make the theme of the day "rain." Use fountains and umbrellas to create a rain-themed wedding.

During the monsoon season, traditional wedding decorations with flowers might attract insects, so you can do something unique for your wedding. To liven up your wedding, use little neutral-coloured rice lights or bulbs of various shapes.

3. Have You Decided on the Menu?

People love to eat at weddings, and it's one thing you can't go wrong with. Use these tips to nail your monsoon wedding menu:

  • Do this regardless of whether your wedding reception is held in the open or under cover. If the food spoils due to weather, the chances of being able to replace it within a reasonable time frame are minimal.
  • It will complement your wedding theme and reduce the likelihood of guests being unwell at your wedding. Choose cuisines that use foods that grow naturally during the rainy season.
  • Rains bring a lot of pests with them, so make sure you choose a clean and sanitary location to prepare your meals. Check that it is fresh and has not been prepared days before eating.

4. Pick Your Clothes Judiciously

If you don't want to get wet, choose your materials for sarees and lehengas. Avoid wearing large lehengas that you would have difficulty lifting when walking from your car to the venue; instead, get bridal lehenga on rent in Kolkata.

Sarees can be made from organza, georgette, chiffon, crepe, or synthetic materials. If you're planning a rain dance, avoid using see-through textiles.

5. Umbrellas to the Rescue

Wedding favours are a major hit among millennials. A lot of care goes into selecting the favours you wish to give your guests. While beach weddings have seen personalized wedding favours such as flip flops and towels, your monsoon wedding favour can also include umbrellas.

You might personalize your wedding umbrellas with your wedding hashtag. This will make it not only a one-of-a-kind favour but also a treasured memory for all of your guests to take home.

6. Freeze the Memorable Moments

Photography is the most enjoyable aspect of the wedding. The rain will enhance many photographic postures you have in mind for the wedding! Splash some water at the end of the ceremony to get the romance going so the wedding photographer in Kolkata can get the most remarkable moments.

This Monsoon wedding planning idea is the way to go if you want an uncomplicated wedding and a fantastic wedding celebration. So, talk to your wedding coordinator about how to make this incredible idea a reality. Allow your Monsoon wedding to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons!

7. Backup Power Supply

Heavy rains and thunderstorms may result in a power outage at the location. This is why it is critical to select a place with backup power. Without electricity, the heat and rain will make it difficult to continue the celebrations.

8. Time for Monsoon Music

You only need to include some famous Bollywood songs about rain in your rain dance party. Otherwise, what's the sense of having a small-scale monsoon wedding?

Plan an inside Sangeet, followed by an open-air rain dance party to the most upbeat music. At a cocktail party, play some lovely romantic tunes and ancient Hindi melodies while everyone enjoys their beverages.

9. Choose Props for Extra Frivolity

While the beauty of fresh floras is eternal, they can readily wilt in rainy conditions and disturb your wedding décor. If you organize a wedding during the rainy season, make sure to use artificial flowers and plants to minimize tackiness within the venue.

Furthermore, too many natural flowers can make the enclosed room feel claustrophobic while luring little insects and crawlies that emerge in such conditions, wreaking havoc and sterilizing food items. Aside from fake flowers, you may experiment with origami, curtains, lighting, and candles.

10. Invest Time for Your Final Look

Don't simply take any makeup artist's word for it; try it out for yourself with the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. Make a beauty trial using waterproof cosmetics and splash some water to see if the makeup remains in place.

This will allow you to determine whether your makeup can endure the day's humidity. Also, if you have curly hair, talk to your hairstylist about how to keep it from frizzing up in the moisture.

11. Check with Weather Forecast

Don't allow the prospect of an unexpected rainstorm to derail your preparations. There are several applications available these days that forecast the weather accurately.

Before you reserve your wedding date, location, and so on, make sure you check the forecast. It is always preferable to check the weather ahead of time and be prepared for what is to come than to be caught off guard and caught up in the commotion.

The Monsoon That Will Never Let You Down!!

Getting married during the monsoon may sound like a romantic idea, but the prospect of rain ruining your wedding reception might turn into a nightmare. We have some pointers for you when arranging a monsoon wedding to make it a memorable day who wish to take their vows in this cool, romantic weather, with the sound of rainfall in the background!

Include rain elements in your wedding invitation design, such as a couple dancing in the rain, raindrops, cut-outs of umbrellas, and so on, to express the theme to your guests. Get married during the monsoon season, and don't let the weather ruin your big day.

Aren't these monsoon wedding ideas absolutely out of the box and wonderfully delectable? So, what are you holding out for? Make plans for a monsoon wedding right now.

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