Popular Home Decor Trends for the Year 2020

Popular Home Decor Trends for the Year 2020

Popular Home Décor Trends for the Year 2020

Your home is where your heart is. This is the reason why, you should deck it up in a way that it exudes beauty and comfort in spades. Each year brings out an array of brand-new home décor trends.

However aesthetically appealing are these decor trends, you cannot give each of them a shot with every passing year. Keeping this in mind, we have dug out a bunch of interior decor trends that will continue to stand out for eons. Squeeze out some time to have a look into the following write-up –

  • Lounging is Trending –

The importance of casualty is paramount when it comes to ensuring comfort in a room. Among a number of home decor claiming to fame, Lounging has successfully broken through the cluster. If you are looking to create a cozy and comfortable corner at your abode, give lounging a shot. Jazz up the corner with inviting furniture, comfy comforters, and bright pillows.

  • Spruce up the Wall –

In the year 2020 and even beyond, minimal spaces with a touch of personalization will be in trends. One of the best ways to manifest this trend is to deck up the walls of your living area with minimal wall-accents, photo-frames, and the likes. To make things closer to your heart, frame the pictures of your loved ones and hang them on the wall of your favorite corner.

  • Put Carpets to a Good Use –

For eons, the carpets have had made an indelible impact in the field of interior decoration. The obsession over carpets will remain intact in the year 2020. If the traditional and heavily embroidered carpets are not your thing, then opt for something less dramatic. If you fancy a minimal approach, then pick a cottony-soft, light-hued floor rug.

  • Layering in Lighting –

Over the past few years, the interior decorators have started focusing more on mood-based lighting. Ambient lighting or putting fixtures on the already existing lights provided by the builders is not enough though. To give your room a stylish look and feel, you may add more lighting effects. You can count on layered lighting to beautify your rooms.

  • Going Green is a Must–

In this day and age, when phenomena like de-plantation, pollution, etc. have seen an upward surge, growing home plants is a necessity. You need not put in a lot of time or care to grow or nurture the home plants. Try out fancy planters to grow plants at home. Cactus or bonsai are in huge demand. Air-purifying plants are also making it big.  Choose something that suits your budget and preference.

  • Wall Papers are A Hit –

From quirky to sophisticated, – wallpapers are expected to dominate the year 2020. There are manifold designs, patterns, and colors available in wallpapers. Unless you are looking to create an overly bright ambiance, you should pick a wallpaper that manifests a soothing hue. Most of the wallpapers tend to be cost-effective. This means you need not wallow over a tight budget when investing in wallpaper.

Last, but Not the Least –

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