Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips to Add Luminosity to Your Face

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Tying the knot anytime sooner? Heartiest congratulations!

Menu selected? Venue shortlisted? And, what about your trousseau? Zeroed in on already? Such a relief!

Hey, what about the most crucial aspect of your D-day preparation? The aspect which will be instrumental in making you turn heads and being the cynosure of all eyes? No, we aren’t talking about your jewelry. We’re referring to the D-day makeup. Needless to say, you need a flawless and glowing canvas in the first place to make your makeup look picture-perfect.

Hence, steps in the importance of pre-wedding skin care rules and rituals. Yes, the importance of appointing professionals offering top-quality bridal makeup in Kolkata is certainly paramount, but without a good canvas even the best of experts will fail to do wonders.

Don’t be scared – we’re not going to prod you to add multiple steps in your routine. We’re intending to spotlight only a few simple yet effective beauty regimens that are rapidly muscling their ways onto our dressing rooms, and only for good reasons.

Let’s begin –

Eat Clean and Healthy

Always remember that your skincare regimen should provide you with long-lasting results, and not just temporary glow. Skin-care gimmicks that spell temporary results won’t do you any good in long run! To get your skin glowing, it’s advisable that you start taking care of your diet.

Start with gulping a lot of water. Make sure that your plate looks like a rainbow daily. Add fruits, fresh vegetables, and loads of good fat to your diet. Antioxidants and minerals are important for your skin’s overall health and well-being.

Maximize the intake of fatty acids as these compounds can help nourish your skin. Don’t forget to consume food items like fish, tofu, cheese, milk, etc. daily as these are essential to increase your skin’s luster and luminosity.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Yours skin is the reflection of your internal health. Alcohol, cigarettes, and other addictive substances can ruin the texture and quality of your skin to a great extent! Too much smoking or boozing can make your skin look dull and lifeless, zapping the natural moisture out of it.

In case you’re struggling to quit these habits completely, it’s advisable that you should proceed with gradual steps. Try cutting back at the habits slowly but steadily. You may grow some new additions, albeit, a bit heathier ones like munching on chocolates, chewing gums or the likes!

Get Set and Fit

To take your skin-care game a few notches us, start working out on a day-to-day basis. If your piled-up work responsibilities hold you back from hitting the gym, you can make your workout regimen an indoor affair instead.

According to the experts, you must snatch out at least 45 minutes to get your body moving. Whether it’s yoga, light cardio, brisk walking, skipping, cycling or swimming – practice daily to protect your peace and quiet. A daily workout routine will help you maintain a healthy glow from the inside out. The quality of your skin would get affected if you don’t get at least 7-8 hours of goodnight sleep!

‘Up’ Your Skin-Care Game

Start using a gentle facewash twice a day. But refrain from over-washing your skin. Ensure that you massage your skin for at least 60 seconds. You should choose an alcohol-free cleanser and a calming toner for balancing the overall pH level of your facial skin, close the pores, and add a dash of hydration to your face.

Consider using a serum to maintain your skin’s luster. Restrict your use of retinoids or chemical exfoliators, and opt for niacinamide serum, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin C serums for maintain the glow on your skin. So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, and opt for premium beauty parlor services in Kolkata to ‘up’ your skin-care game!

Rely on Facial Tools

Facial tools have taken the entire skin-care industry by storm! Jade rollers, gua-sha slabs, vibrating T-wands, ice balls, etc. could be included in your skincare routine. Massage your face to boost blood circulation, bring more oxygen to your skin, and rejuvenate your face from within.

These tools can also facilitate a more seamless absorption of all the skincare products you use, thereby bringing a glistening glow to your face. If you’re strapped for budget and reluctant to splurge on these tools, you may hire a professional skin and hair specialist in Kolkata to get your skin glowing.

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