Predict Your Personality with Your Alcohol Choice

Predict Your Personality with Your Alcohol Choice

Predict Your Personality with Your Alcohol Choices  

They say, “Those who don’t drink champagne don’t take risks.” In this day and age, almost every millennial loves drinking their lives to the lees, and hence they never say ‘No’ to alcohol. Boozing has become a part and parcel of our lives, be it for celebrating a moment or reinvigorating the fried circuits of our stress-ridden brains. If you want to live your life king-size, then take a sip more often than not. Did you know that your favorite alcohol has a lot to say about your personality? Before heading out to the best bar in Kolkata, make sure to read this fun and informative excerpt at least once. Happy reading in advance!

  • Wine

Are you an ardent lover of wine? If you nod your head affirmatively, then CONGRATS! You are the most social and friendly of this lot! Wait…the bugs of gossip-mongering may bite you more often than not. Yes, you have heard it right! Almost every wine-lover has this uncanny tendency of falling prey to spilling the tea. To raise the bar of pep talks, all you need is a goblet of WINE!

  • Gin

Hey, you Gin-lover there! Hi-five to your out and out traditional nature! Almost every Gin-lover puts their conventionalism over everything. They hate it when people order Vodka or dirty Martinis and start acting crazy at a bar or club. The Gin-drinkers tend to be sober and sophisticated by nature. They know exactly how to savor a drink without letting their sanity go for a toss. They approach boozing as the classiest aficionados.

  • Vodka

The Vodka-lovers land in two distinct categories. There are some boozers, who love savoring in the authentic flavor of Vodka. On the other hand, there are some who simply love Vodka because of its manifold benefits related to weight-loss. So, which category do you belong to? If you belong to the first category, your beverage approach is more likely to enjoy the night sans feeling guilty about over-eating. God saves you if you belong to the second category!

  • Champagne

In short, you are a class apart from other boozers! For most of the people, champagne is celebratory alcohol. For a champagne-lover, life is a grand celebration and must be lived to the fullest no matter what. Champagne is one of the costliest variants of alcohol. Hence, it won’t be exaggerating to state that all the Champagne-lovers are highly spendthrifts and they have exquisite tastes as well.

  • Rum

Those who love Rum are young at their hearts. Being jovial and free-spirited at heart, the Rum-lovers make themselves fun and endearing to be around. They are, in fact, the ‘cool’ in their entire friend group. Also, they are more likely to foray into enviable and interesting career choices.  

Final Word

Boozing is not just a mere habit; it’s an emotion! With the help of this above-mentioned excerpt, you must have now figured out your own, distinct personality trait. Well, are you looking for the best bar in Kolkata? You can count on Haarway to find a bar of your choice as per your budget, requisite, and location preference.

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