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How to Find a Wedding Planner? What Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Planner ?

Your wedding day includes you and your partner celebrating love together. It’s an entirely personal event. It makes sense if you go for hiring a wedding planner in Kolkata as per your wish. A wedding planner guides you on all the event’s decorations, planning, and much more. Whether you plan for a big, small, or medium wedding event, a wedding planner will do the job right.

Thus, before hiring a wedding planner, you must know what questions to ask him or her to save yourself from any sudden hassle during the event. Check out this blog to know more about these questions and researches:

How many weddings have they planned?

Here come the first question and the most important point, how many weddings have you planned? A trustable wedding planner will have a set of weddings planned with good experience. With this, you can also ask, how many weddings have they planned similar to your budget and size. You will get to know the types of weddings the planner handles, along with their years of business, degree, and certifications. Enquire about their portfolio and ask few references.

Are they available on the marriage date?

You will not want to waste your time on the planner if the person isn’t free on your marriage date. So, the next question should be, are you free on my wedding date? If your event date is flexible, and you wish to work with that person, you both can negotiate the wedding date and fix it as per each other’s availability. Keep few options in front of the planner while finalizing your timeline.

Can they work within your budget?

No, this question isn’t absurd. You are free to ask whether that person is willing to work within your budget range. It is crucial for the couple and the planner to discuss the wedding budget together before it becomes too late. Come to the idea of who will contribute what and how much?

This wedding planner initial client questionnaire is extremely important in hiring a perfect wedding planner. With this, you also get to know the benefits you receive within your money range. For instance, if you love the planner’s work but can’t hire him full-time due to budget issues, you can ask whether the person is available to work part-time.

How many number of meetings they take?

This is when you must know the outline of the whole wedding planning process. Some planners might email you sketches, while others can follow up with you online or over the phone. Others can just walk up to you for a discussion and hand you the sample designs. Some planners prefer listening to your wants, while others just burden you by telling you everything all at once. So, you must ask how many meetings will take place and how are we involved?

How they handle the payment process?

Finally, you should ask, how do they handle the professional services, contracts, and payment process? You must figure out whether they like to work ahead of time. Some planners ask for advance payment before they even start working and pay the pros themselves. In contrast, other planners ask you to pay the pros on their behalf. The best advice is to pay your vendors by yourself rather than paying it via a wedding planner. With this, you will have complete control over your budget and the contract.

Ask Your Wedding Planner if they Provide any additional service within the same budget.

Everyone wants something extra at the same cost. Ask your wedding planner if they provide any extra services within your budget. Most wedding planners do have the extra goodies in the same cost to attract their clients. It can be like an astrology service where an astrologer can tell you about the connection between astrology and wedding to get a clear idea about your upcoming married life. Secondly, if they can provide extra album/photo sessions by communicating with their hired wedding photographer. 

All put together

Thus, these questions will help you to know your wedding planner in a better way. A complete wedding planner interview is very important to have a perfect wedding. You wouldn’t wish for things to turn upside down on your great eventful day. Follow this blog and make sure you ask all the questions mentioned above.
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