Raksha Bandhan 2022: 7 Different Ways to Celebrate

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan honors the purest form of love and care: sibling love. Siblings are among the most significant individuals we have grown up with since childhood. 

Raksha Bandhan 2022 is observed on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan each year, according to the Panchang (Hindu Calendar). The big day is approaching.

Siblings are our best friends in life, from the first argument to the first slip out to sobbing on one other's shoulders and weathering the hardest moments together. Siblings are usually in love and hate relationships. Siblings battle against each other and for each other.

Sibling love is intended to be loved and appreciated daily, from being our best friends to our family's support. There is no way to express siblings' love and thanks for one another.

What are you planning for this Rakhi for your sibling? Shopping, roaming around in Kolkata, or going for lunch in the best barbeque restaurant in Kolkata? No idea yet? Here are some suggestions to assist you in making your Rakhi unforgettable.

Tips for Raksha Bandhan to Bond for Life

1. Decorate Your Home

To get into the holiday spirit and stay cheery and upbeat, start with your house décor. Construct a few tassel hangings and twig crafts, and the project is still ongoing. Colorful cushions, new curtains, indoor plants, fairy lights, rugs, or carpets, and you're set for the holidays. Already getting into the holiday spirit.

2. Resurrect Memories

Memories, glimpses of the past, remind us of where we came from and how far we have gone. Attempt recreating memories if you want to try something new this year. In plain terms, recreate a former moment and take a photo of you and your sister as children, reproduce the position, and capture the moment.

3. Cook up Cookies

Everyone enjoys cookies and has their unique method of eating them. You may now give your brother a cookie Rakhi while also eating it. You may adorn your cookie Rakhi's with chocolate chips and cream and place them on top of a bright ribbon to make Raksha Bandhan more festive and scrumptious.

4. Spend Time with Your Family

Whatever the case, the major delight of festivals is spent with family. In India, it is so obvious that one must celebrate the event with their family that no one ever mentions it. However, some people are unable to compensate their families with their presence. Make a video call to your siblings and make time for them.

5. What can be more Precious than Gifting?

Rakhi ceremonies include the exchange of gifts. After the rites, brothers and sisters exchange presents to symbolize their appreciation. A piece of jewellery, a bracelet with his name, is a unique present that will express your love for one another. There are some of the best gold jewellery shop in Kolkata where you can get some antique jewellery.

6. Spend the Day Out

Make it all about you and your brother today. Plan a small outing for you to spend quality time together. A trip to the mall, a movie, or a picnic may be on the agenda. It's a beautiful way to strengthen friendships and create memorable memories. Do you have close pals that are almost family? Invite them to join you for a day of fun.

7. Leave Old Resentments Behind

People who love and care for one another are more prone to disappoint one another. Love requires many sacrifices, changes, and not to mention grudges. If you and your brother are going through a difficult time, the finest present you can offer is to let go of the grievances and take a step forward to embrace the link while leaving all the complaints behind.

A Trustworthy Sibling Is Worth a Thousand Friends

Raksha Bandhan honors the unique tie between a brother and a sister, and while it is celebrated across the country, you may make it your own. Aside from traditions and customs, make it a day that both of you can look forward to.

Just as sisters frequently make particular requests for unique Rakhi presents, ask your brother what he would like and if there is anything he would want to do. Make this day your own by going out for dinner, a cup of coffee, or to see a movie with just the two of you or more if you have additional siblings.

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