Reasons Why You Should Get Hitched in Winter

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Winter has always been synonymous with warm, romantic, and mushy feelings. With a dip in mercury and a nip in the air, the nature heralds the season of winter, which is pleasantly perfect to commemorate the most memorable journey of one’s life – marriage!

Having said that, we don’t mean that summer months are not apt to get hitched. But, if you draw comparison between summer and winter, the former will pale in comparison to the later mainly because the cold months are way more temperate than the scorching summertime!

A crisp in the air, the golden-glow of the mellow Sun, and the absence of a sweaty-sultry weather – everything makes winter a perfect time of the year to celebrate a big-fat celebration like a wedding.

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However, here’s a quick round-up of the reasons why you should consider getting hitched when the mercury takes a dip. Have a look –

Galore Auspicious Dates

For the Indian weddings, finding the right date is not always an easy deal to crack! The weds-to-be from almost every community are bound to zero in on wedding dates, which share a synchronicity with their distinct customaries. Most of the Indians prefer to get wedded during the cold months as the winter calendars never really run short of auspicious days or dates.

Pleasant Weather Matters

Another reason why the cold months preside over the summer months mainly due to their pleasant weather. The scorching heat of summer means excessive sweat, a helluva of heatwaves, the requisites of having tons of air conditioners at the wedding venue, deciding the menu as per the climate, and more! A winter wedding is free of all such hullabaloos.

Makeup Stays in Place

Summer increases the risk of the wedding makeup to budge or melt. Thankfully, winter does not pose any such threat to the newly wedded couples! But still to be on the safer side, consider hiring the top professionals offering high-quality, long-lasting bridal makeup in Kolkata.

A Bevy of Outfit Options

In India, a wedding celebration is always equated with pomp and grandeur, splendour and affectation! Besides aesthetic venues, delectable menus, and a huge entourage of guests, what we mostly prioritize is garish ensembles for brides and grooms.

In the sultry summery weather, donning outfits like heavy lehengas, stone-embellished sarees, sherwanis, suits, etc. becomes a huge problem. On the contrary, during the cold months, you can don an outfit of your choice without feeling sweaty or uncomfortable.

Variety of Food Options

If you have noticed carefully, people tend to have greater appetite during winter compared to summer months. If you want to win your guests’ hearts through great food, consider tying the knot in winter. You will get a bevy of vegetables to take your pick from which will help you decide on a huge variety of menus. Thanks to their increased appetite, your guests will be able to relish each food item utmost satisfaction.

Ideal for Beautiful D-day Clicks

Winter is considered one of the most beautiful seasons of a year! It’s during the colder months when the nature blooms in all its glory. Misty mornings, a chill in the air, foggy sky, a mischievous hide-and-seek game between the mellow Sun and fluffy clouds – everything makes for an ethereal surrounding in winter.

Hire the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to capture this enthralling beauty of the nature on your D-day. If you’re not strapped for pennies, pick a venue which is wrapped in a lush nature. Add up a sprinkle of snowflakes to the spot you want your wedding photographers to capture. Voila! Your D-day album would simply look like a magic!

Happy wedding in advance!!

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