Reasons Why You Should Not Give Xavotsav 2020 A Miss

Reasons Why You Should Not Give Xavotsav 2020 A Miss

Reasons Why You Should Not Give Xavotsav 2020 A Miss

Just as there is no lack of celebrations taking place in Kolkata this year, there are numerous boxes one has to tick before he/she finally chooses to attend an event. With too many suggestions and recommendations available about the best events of Kolkata, it could be difficult for you to make the final choice. Unless you are planning to make a conventional choice, you may attend Xavotsav 2020 to experience a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Xavotsav, the annual fest of St. Xavier’s College, is touted as one of the most high-profile events of Kolkata. The craze over this event has recently witnessed such a hike that besides the students or Alumni/ae of St. Xavier’s College, the Calcuttans, in general, are going berserk over Xavotsav. However, before you take part in this much-awaited event of 2020, ensure that you grab some essential facts about Xavotsav. Squeeze out some time to look into the following excerpt to get a better understanding of Xavotsav –

  • A Quick Overview of Xavotsav

Xavotsav is the annual and cultural extravaganza conceptualized and organized by the Student’s Council of St. Xavier’s College. This fun-filled fest has celebrations spread across different spectrums that include literature, fine arts, performing arts, sports, lifestyle, and the likes. In the quest to delight more and more people from every nook and cranny of the city (or, even beyond), Xavotsav is getting bigger and even better with each passing year.

With a vision to culturally influence modern society, St. Xavier’s College Kolkata had once created and curated the concept of Xavotsav. Today, Xavotsav is considered as one of the most popular and attended college fests in the City of Joy. The Student Council of St. Xavier’s College had also organized a few events including, football tournaments, Xavier’s Premier League, etc. to encourage and inspire the booming talents in football.

Also, the Council is aimed at influencing the academic sphere of Kolkata by organizing events like Debates involving teachers, students, and the whiz Alumni/ae of St. Xavier’s College. One of the prime missions of Xavotsav is to provide the unrecognized talents of the city with an amazing platform to showcase their adroit.

Events hosted and organized by Xavotsav are associated with multiple domains including, dance, design & digital arts, dramatics, lifestyle, journalism, literary arts, speaking arts, quiz, sports & games, business & management, and the likes. The Likes of the Raghu Dixit Project, live performances by Papon, Nucleya, Euphoria, Agnee, Hard Kaur, etc. are some of the biggest blasts from the past.

  • Date and Venue

This year (read 2020), Xavotsav is going to take place from 22nd January to 24th January at the campus of St. Xavier’s College. Some of the world’s most coveted brands including, Skybag, Jet Airways, etc. are sponsoring this event.

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