Social Media Marketing Made Easy For Real Estate Business

Social Media Marketing Made Easy For Real Estate Business

Do you know that almost 77% of the realtors keenly leverage the power of social media for their real estate business? We can state that no matter what industry your company belongs to, its exposure can always be enhanced through the social media marketing campaign. As far as the real-estate field is concerned, owning a social presence is essential because 99% of the millennials would prefer to initially search for homes online. You have to play smart by applying the digital platform as an extension of your brand’s offline visibility. 


With the technological boom, it has become easier to reach your target audience and convince them to become buyers, given that you are employing appropriate tactics to lure prospects onto your profile. It renders an outlet for understanding your customers' needs and desires directly and introducing an effective customer service to build trust. As it has been noted by 46% of the real estate developers that their highest number of leads derived through social media. The most popular ones include networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


 So, here we are with a guide that will make your social media marketing journey easier for real-estate business. 




Don’t make the mistake of using your personal page to introduce your brand because it looks unprofessional. You have the option to set up a Facebook business page so that you grab the essential features wherein you have the ability to organise contests, share community news, and even monitor your insights. Now, you may ask us why should you even use this medium to promote your business? A preliminary idea for you is to expand your exposure, and Facebook boasts about 2 billion active users. Not only this, but it allows you to specifically pursue the audiences based on their demographics. 


Let’s dive into the basics of how to plan out your posts on Facebook-


Provide Videos Of Your Listings


We all know the importance of video marketing in today’s generation, but there could be one question popping in your mind right now. Does it even help in selling properties? The answer to your query is, ‘Yes.’ The stats present us with the data which claims that video provides 300% more traffic for lead generation and 403% more inquiries. As video content provides the buyer with an immersive experience of the location, almost 80% rely on it to research a particular site. Moreover, home tours confer the audience to build trust as they watch the reality of the house. They become enamored with the aura surrounding the residence.


It’s a great idea to pan out your video contents in advance to maintain consistency throughout your journey. You will never know when a buyer decides to show up, so the trick to selling online is regular with your posting habits. Also, keep it in mind to be different from what other real estate business professionals are doing. You will be in a better stance for success if you allow your creativity to drive your brand’s goals. 


Add CTA Directly On Your Page


To add the call-to-action button directly on your standard Facebook page, you will have to use Facebook Business Manager. But you may ask us what is the use of CTA messages for your advertisements? It encourages the interested person to follow crystal clear steps in completing an action aligning with your business goals. You will get a wide variety of CTA options for your company, for instance, “Contact Us,” “Watch Video,” “Learn More,” etc. 


Keep Your Posts Short


Your posts are the elemental source of information for the audience, helping them be educated about your company. The idea disseminated through your posts should be brief while encapsulating the essence of the message. If you create video content for Facebook, don’t extend it over 2-3 mins. Long-form videos are more famous on YouTube. It also considers the reduced attention span of an average human, which is around 8 secs. While captioning your contents, you don’t want to display a string of paragraphs because it will only distract the reader. Keep it concise yet meaningful. 




There are so many ways you can network on various social media platforms, but LinkedIn is the professional resume for your business. Although some may neglect its practice, but it is a brilliant real estate lead creation tool. It has produced 277% more leads than any other platform. But don’t take us wrong. We are not trying to say that you should not implement Facebook or Twitter for your enterprise. We want you to sustain your brand’s name on any avenue where you have the chance of gaining prospective customers. This aids in strengthening your social base so that people can take you as an expert on your work. 


Add-In Every Last Detail About Your Company


As we have already discussed that LinkedIn has a professional outlook, so it is vital that people know every detail about the company they are forming a connection with. You need to appear authentic, and the best way to bring this into reality is by providing all the relevant information. This consists of your website’s link, other social media handles, and a succinct background of your real-estate business. You may also mention specialization areas, stating the specific types of houses you are selling and the cost range. Take this moment to exhibit your past experiences like what agencies have you worked with, who are your clients, or do you have any accreditations to prove your credibility. Afterwhich, you need to hop on your creative foot to design a banner for your business page. If you lack innovative resources, hire a designer, but it is essential to get the job done.  


You need to establish your argument that you are a professional, competent, and determined real estate agent. This further improves your company's probability of being noticed by a local lead exploring property listings on LinkedIn. 


Use The Advanced Search Feature To Find Locals


After reading the term ‘advanced search’, you might be curious to know how this tool could benefit your real-estate business. However, one of its notable features is that it can draw in any background data on the present leads while helping you look for fresh prospects. 


You must always be pursuing opportunities where you get to connect with a local from your neighborhood. When you do stumble upon them, don’t be afraid to send out a personalised message to get to know them better. Here’s a word of caution, people won’t engage with you if you are always trying to promote and sell your business. Hold this as your secondary agenda. Your primary plan should be to build a relationship with them. You know the drill; a successful strategy employs a conversation's start-up by talking about the lead’s interest. 


Join Or Create Groups To Reach Local Community


Many LinkedIn users do not know about the feature of joining or creating groups based on your niche. It accumulates your target audience under one roof, which lets you to spark a discussion. Although connecting with realtors worldwide will aid in forming an online presence, your principal focus should be on the local leads. Try to gauge their attention on your company by asking questions or lending solutions to their problems. 




The way you handle your business profile on Twitter is very different from Facebook or LinkedIn. Most millennials use it to gain knowledge about the global events concisely since the character count is constrained around 280. As an organisation, you have the liberty to post links to your blog, websites, or any such relevant elements to engage an interested user to further favor your brand. Approximately 80% of individuals have tweeted regarding a brand and follow an expert's works in the respective field. It happens to form a synergy as people promote their interests while upholding yours. 


Valuable Contents For The Audience


When promoted via social media, the real-estate business provides you with a wondrous combination to promote your listings. People are not always interested in the advertisements that you are putting up. They require a home, and it involves a plethora of emotions. Try to strike a chord with their feelings to stand out from the crowd. By posting visuals of your properties, you have the chance to share nuances that make it different from that of the competitors. Understand what your audience yearns for from you. For instance, if you are dealing with an urban area where people are most likely to hang out with friends in a local restaurant or visit a theatre, etc. Then, don’t hesitate to compile your own list of such amenities near your site listing and display them on your profile.


Monitor Twitter Lists


You are obviously planning out your visuals and posts for your brand’s social profile in a content calendar. Although it may become tedious, but it will help you in the long run. Now comes the fun part, engaging with people in real-time. Try to analyse your target audience and their changing preferences to tailor your business’ strategies around it. However, not all conversations and interactions should be treated equally. By establishing a Twitter List, you will get to follow the pertinent leads and influencers' activities so that you get to percolate through the noise. This allows you to analyse your performance better. 


Apply The 80/20 Rule


No, the 80/20 rule is not rocket science, and we will render a clear understanding of the concept so that you can make a note of it. You must remember our emphasis on value-based content. The 80/20 rules state the importance of accommodating 80% of your posts under the criteria of interesting and compelling information. This may include recommendations, blogs, local news, some tips, etc. The remaining 20% is for your promotional advertisements, which can be implemented after the leads have gained some sort of value. It consists of everything to do with your available listings and offers.


We Made Your Journey Easier!


Take your time to contemplate how to utilise these tips and techniques to benefit your business. The real estate business is all about making a strong connection, so including emotional content is necessary. Even after going through this guide, some of you may still feel doubtful about how to progress with your social media marketing campaign. We are here to inform you that Haarway, a premium listing service company, will take you on a swift journey of success with your digital media marketing goals. Their team of specialists will provide you the finest results at a feasible range.   

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