Some of the Best Instagram-Worthy Cafeterias in Kolkata

Some of the Best Instagram-Worthy Cafeterias in Kolkata

Some of the Best Instagram-Worthy Cafeterias in Kolkata


Gone are the days when restaurant hunting was all about searching for places that just offer yummy food. This scenario has changed drastically with the arrival of social media. Nowadays, almost every foodie is searching for restaurants that serve delicious foods besides offering nice ambiences. This is where the Insta-friendly cafeterias come into play. The Insta-worthy cafeterias are ideal places to chill, treat your taste bud, and spruce up your Instagram feed. Below are listed a few cafés that you should not miss especially if you are staying in Kolkata. Have a look –

Mrs. Magpie –

Among a number of Kolkata-based Insta-worthy cafeterias claiming to fame, Mrs. Magpie needs a special mention. Clad in a pastel wallpaper, quirky décor pieces and decorative cupcakes, this cafeteria will make you smile instantly. The beautiful ambience is absolutely camera friendly. If you are planning to better your Insta game, you must give this amazing café a visit. Besides some refreshing beverages, you will also get a number of yummy munchies here at Mrs. Magpie.

Artsy Café –

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Looking to take your Valentine to a unique place to celebrate love? If yes, then Artsy Café could be an ideal bet. Some of the major attractions of this café are faux gazebo, minimalistic décor accents, white-washed wall colours, and the likes. The pristine and sophisticated ambience is ideal for celebrating a romantic date.

Sienna Café –

This cafe is not just for exclusive for an Insta-fan, but also an ideal place to hang out for those who ‘eat to live.’ In other words, Sienna Café is a dream spot for every health-conscious millennial. Known for its oven-fresh snacks and refreshing beverages, Sienna Café is never empty. Plus, the fairy-light embellished outdoor seating arena has added to the relaxing vibe of this café.

Zee’s Coffee Shop –

The popularity of Zee’s Coffee Shop has seen a new hike over the past few years. This place is a little small but it’s highly cosy and comfortable. All the foods delivered at this café are tasty, and most importantly pocket-friendly. The tables are placed right next to the windows so that the visitors can enjoy their food while looking at the stunning view outside. Also, on every Sunday, you can also catch the popular local musicians bringing in different forms of music like funk, jazz, rock, hip-hop, etc.

Lighthouse Café –

Lighthouse Café is one of those visually-appealing spaces that offer amazing food at affordable rates. Tucked away in a narrow lane of Prince Anwar Shah Road, this cafe-come-bookstore is an ideal hot spot for those who love food and books. The stunning artwork of this café screams for an ‘Aww’ as soon as you enter the space. This café has used a bunch of upcycled furniture to add to its interior décor.

The Bottom Line  

This blog could be useful for those who are looking for an ideal Insta-worthy cafeteria in Kolkata. These aforementioned places apart, Kolkata has several other cafes to offer as well. Concerned about the budget? Don’t be! With Haarway, you can find a good café at the location of your preference and budget. Being one of the best business listing service providers, Haarway has earned a lot of reputation all across the city.








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