Some of the Best Salons in Kolkata to Give a Try

Some of the Best Salons in Kolkata to Give a Try

Nowadays, salons are another important aspect of everyone’s life. It is also necessary to groom yourself and treat yourself better along with your daily lifestyle. That’s why salons are becoming more demanding gradually. To get premium facilities, everyone wants to choose the best salon in Kolkata. There you can get efficient services for your hair to nails. Here are brief descriptions about some premium quality salons in Kolkata -


VLCC is famous for its proficient beauty services by expert professionals. There are decent numbers of VLCC salons all over Kolkata. You can get a few premium quality services such as facials, tan removing treatment, pore reducing treatment, etc. You can give your hair a different look with different kinds of haircuts and hair colors. Hair highlighting treatment is also available there. You can get different kinds of spas like hair spa, full-body spa, and full body massage as well.


Lakméis also known as a premium quality salon which is also located in south Kolkata and north Kolkata as well. All the services inLakmé Salon are given by the trained experts. You can get all kinds of haircuts according to your needs. Manicure and Pedicure services are also available for the better treatment of your hands and legs. If you are dealing with some tan issues, then you can get an easy and long-lasting solution here. Besides all this, different kinds of facial services are available in Lakmé Salon.


Style your look according to your demand and needs in all the salon and parlors in Kolkata of JAWED HABIB HAIR & BEAUTY. If you are searching for an elegant and classy bridal look for your wedding then this parlor will be a great suggestion for you. Set free your dull and damaged skin by the expert treatment such as tan removing treatment, pore reducing treatment, etc. Give your hair an attractive look by some premium quality hair essentials here. Also, long-lasting services of waxing will surprise you.

Juice Salon & Spa

Juice Salon & Spa is one of the best parlors in Kolkata. Apart from all the best quality services it is also famous for its great ambiance. It has been located in south Kolkata and north Kolkata as well. Different kinds of haircuts, skin treatment, Manicure, Pedicure, etc are some available services for the customers. All the branches of this salon in Kolkata give services for both men and women by some experts. You can also enjoy and give a bit of relaxation to your body and mind by a great massage and body spa with light music and a pleasant ambiance.

So, these are a few other best salons in Kolkata as well. You don’t need to worry to find any branches of these salons and parlors near you with the help of Haarway. Haarway is a famous business listing service provider that will help you find the salon near you according to your needs and budget. So, get the best salon treatment and pamper yourself.



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