Table Manners You Should Follow to Leave a Positive Impression

Table Manners You Should Follow to Leave a Positive Impression

Table Manners You Should Follow to Leave a Positive Impression

Although almost all of us are acquainted with the basic restaurant etiquettes, there are still some table manners that end up slipping our minds. By maintaining a good restaurant etiquette, you will always end up breaking through the cluster, albeit, for all the right reasons. We have curated some of the best table manners to entrench in your head, but abiding by them is all up to you. BTW, if you are in a mood for even more guidelines related to eatery mannerism, count on the team Haarway. But before giving you a heads up on who Haarway is or what it does, let’s teach you some important table manners. Have a look –

Give a Heads up of Your Dietary Restrictions –

In this day and age, almost every millennial is dealing with certain dietary restrictions. Whether you are a pure vegetarian or a celiac, you must let your gourmet companions know your condition beforehand. This will help both you and your companions plan the menu as per your convenience as well as preference. For someone, who is averse to eating too much spicy edibles, it’s essential to select an eatery, which serves less spicy yet mouth-watering dishes.

Don’t Shy Away from Taking Charge –

The importance of a host is paramount when it comes to setting the overall pace and tone of a meal. If you are aware of the basic do’s-and-don’ts of being a host/hostess, do not shy away from taking charge. If there is a large cluster of table companions to be served, you may ask the waiters to lend a helping hand. One tip to keep in mind is that a perfect host is expected to pay equal attention to everyone sitting at a table. So, be as attentive as possible.

Pass Food in the Right Way –

According to the professional table-etiquette experts, condiments, and food should be served around a table anti-clockwise. Condiments like pepper, salt, sauce, etc. should be passed simultaneously. If something on a table is not within your reach, you should better ask someone to pass that on to you. Before passing anything to anyone, make sure to ask the person whether he/she really wants to have the same.

Ditch All Sorts of Distractions –

Eating out together is meant to make merry and spend quality moments with the people close to your heart. Do not let distractions such as mobile phones and social media ruin the thrills of a time spent with your near and dear ones. Activities like checking phone or even sweeping eyes over the posts or news feed on social media are touted as a bad manner! Instead of getting your head bent over any tech gizmo, make sure to strike a conversation with everyone attending a brunch or dine-out with you.

Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss –

Ignoring someone specifically or hijacking a conversation is straightway an ugly manner! If you are carrying a whole entourage of friends in tow for brunching or dining out, make sure to pay equal attention to everyone. You may dislike someone specifically, but you must continue to interact with him/her if he/she is one of your table companions. Try to keep a broad smile on your face while interacting with others. Also, don’t forget to make an eye-contact while talking.

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