The Room Décor Ideas for the Room of a New Arrival

The Room Décor Ideas for the Room of a New Arrival

The Room Décor Ideas for the Room of a New Arrival

Decking up a child’s room is not an easy deal! It’s both an enjoyable, as well as, a harrowing process. The challenges might reach the sky especially if you are planning to deck up a new arrival’s room. The décor of your new-born’s room should be appropriate with the age of your child. A kid’s room should be a place, where you could have some happiness with bright and quirky decorations. In this blog, we have come up with some simple yet effective décor tips that you should apply in the new-born’s room of your apartment in Kolkata. Have a look –

  • While decorating a new-born’s room, make sure to keep all the essential stuff ready. A few stuffs such as a cradle/cot, a perambulator, a mosquito net attached to the baby cot/cradle, a soft carpet on the floor, a bag full of toys, a closet for keeping your baby’s clothes in place, etc. are most basic requirements in a new arrival’s room. Ensure that you choose these daily essentials from a renowned store as you cannot compromise on the happiness and comfort of your baby.


  • Invest a good amount of time while choosing the wall colours of your new-born’s room. It’s advisable that you should opt for soft colours to paint an infant’s room. It entails a brief span of time for a baby’s eye-sight to get better and stronger. Light hues such as Pink, Beige, Peach, Lavender, etc. are perfect to soothe the feeble eyes of an infant. For your information, an infant can focus on colours and see different objects properly when he/she hits 4/5 months. If your new-arrival is below this age bar, sticking to softer hues would be a better idea.


  • The popularity of wall-stickers is growing all across the globe. If you are looking to add a dash of quirk and fun to an infant’s room, then make sure to opt for a quirky wall sticker. Wall stickers are aesthetically appealing and cost-effective. Whatever be your budget, you can always find a nice wall sticker as per your preference, need and pocket. The best part is that it’s a removable option. This means that you can easily remove a wall sticker as your kid grows up.


  • The convertible furniture could be a great option to decorate an infant’s room. Usually, a convertible furniture is designed in such a way that your infant can easily grow into it, sans the necessity of re-doing each year. To save yourself from a costing a fortune in the future, you should buy a cot bed instead of a cradle. Generally, a cot bed has a removable panel and side so that it could be converted into a kid’s bed over the years. A convertible table which also doubles up as a mini ladder or chest of drawers is another brilliant purchase for the infant’s room of your apartment in Kolkata.


We hope that the aforementioned tips would spell wonders in beefing up your new-born’s room. Are you looking for a 2 and 3 BHK flat in Kolkata? Is budget the main concern? Why don’t you opt for Haarway to find a suitable residential property at the budget and location of your choice? Being a top business listing company, Harway will help you find your dream property without charging anything from you.






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