Things That Can Drag a Restaurant Down in an Instant!

Things That Can Drag a Restaurant Down in an Instant!

Things That Can Drag a Restaurant Down in an Instant!

In life, nothing is more resentful than an unwise decision. Be it for your career choice, love life or restaurant choice, the terrible aftereffects of a bad decision is unprecedented. Even in this day and age, when words like ‘diet’, ‘healthy eating habits’ or ‘weight-loss’ have taken the millennials by storm, the foodies have not eluded the society! For someone, who loves trying out finger-licking platters at different eateries, a good restaurant is simply a God-send. Are you looking to find the best restaurant near you? 

Even though it seems an easy task, finding a restaurant is actually full of hassles especially if you don’t know how to distinguish a good eatery from a bad one. Most of us tend to judge a restaurant based on its food quality, location, popularity, interior decor, and upholstery. These are certainly decent parameters, but aren’t you missing out on a few more pet peeves? Below are mentioned a few other red signals, which you must take into serious consideration while judging a restaurant –

When Table decor is Not-on-Point –

Apart from the interior and upholstery, it’s the table decor that grabs the eyeballs soon after tucking into a restaurant. A table cover mired with food spills, sauce stains or watermarks screams for attention, albeit, for all the wrong reasons! For an eatery that serves beverages besides food, it’s a common phenomenon to deal with the droplets of drinks toppling over a table.  

Besides dotting a table with innumerable marks, these droplets could make the surface really sticky. If left unattained for too long, these stains can turn into some indelible marks. Although every eatery experiences such mishaps, it’s how meticulously or swiftly a restaurant gets into action that distinguishes a good restaurant from a bad one. Keep this pointer in mind when finding a restaurant near you.

Take a Look at the Entrance –

For the eons, mankind tends to judge a book by its cover. Although it’s not always fair to make the first impression based on the apparent, this formula could be a big hit on judging a restaurant.

From the entrance of an eatery, you could have a rough idea of its interior. A prim-and-proper entrance or surrounding can speak volumes about a restaurant that is concerned about keeping up with a healthy and hygienic interior. If you are not impressed by the exterior or entrance of an eatery, then there is no point in entering it.

Agility isn’t Always Good –

Quick services are not always great services. A restaurant that serves food quickly may suck at other things like food quality, pricing, the way it attends the customers, etc. Services at a restaurant revolve around disposition, greeting, the waiters’ behaviors, attentiveness, and the likes.

Each and every detail should be count when it comes to making any judgment on a restaurant. An eatery might have earned its mettle by having delighted customers with yummy food, but it may lag behind in terms of the amenities it proffers.

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