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After spending a year in quarantine, it’s only natural for you to plan a retreat, even for a short while. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy being a lone wolf or accepting of other’s company; planning for a vacation is entertaining itself. Do you remember the last time you were pondering over a journey? Do you remember being immersed in the overwhelming sense of thrill and adventure or relaxation and comfort? Instead of reveling in those memories, how about you create a new one? Once you instill the idea of where you would like the destination to be, you should simultaneously create a list of 3-star or 4-star hotels for your stay.

Why is it essential to book the best hotel room for yourself? You wouldn’t spend the entire day and night wandering and exploring new spots, right? When you revert to your accommodation space, you require peace to soothe your tired soul. Think of it as a deal-breaker for your journey, so before finalizing your itinerary, we urge you to consider the following checklist to decide on elite hotel rooms for yourself. 

Consider Your Budget

If you are financially constrained, Kolkata would be one of the most affordable states to visit in India. You would avail of paramount services at a convenient price range, which will make your stay memorable. No matter what kind of hotels you are looking for, always run your expenses based on your budget. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to compromise your requirements. If you do extensive research, you will witness various reasonable hotels delivering valued experiences. Also, keep an eye on several discounts and offers on special occasions that could act as a goldmine for your entire vacation. 

Always Compare The Prices

We understand that selecting hotel rooms might get tiresome because you need to contemplate additional amenities too. This is why we advise you to harness the power of the Internet and compare the prices of various hotels. So, if you are in search of the best 4-star hotels in Kolkata, ensure to skim through different websites and apps. You will be surprised to note varying deals, packages, and discounts. Some might offer cashback and rewards or provide you with extra inclusive services that might help you save bucks. 

Find Out The Exact Location

No matter what you are paying for, you always hope for a worthy return. Similarly, when opting for a hotel, always remember to monitor its exact location. It must be accessible to various public spaces like shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, gyms, theatres, to name a few. This will reduce the transportation costs by great length since you could take a walk down to such civic zones. Ensure that your hotel is not surrounded by a busy road or situated in the proximity of a highway. Since it might hinder your wish to go on a peaceful stroll. We recommend having an overview of the place by looking at it via Google street view or the map embedded on the hotel’s website. It won’t ever cost you a penny to go the extra mile and research closely on the prospective hotel. 

Look Into The Check-In / Out Time

Do you plan to stay out late at night and party with friends? Or leave early in the morning for a rendezvous with a company? If you think that your timings might clash with the hotel’s scheduled check-in and out time, clarify about it beforehand. In such a scenario, you must choose a hotel wherein the registration desk is open for 24 hours. If you need further assistance, just ask the staff politely. You would be amazed by the level of adjustment they are ready to make for you. 

Monitor The Review Sites

Nowadays, you have various platforms that can help you make an informed decision about your hotels. Leverage it for a greater purpose and make the most out of your vacation. It must be considered imperative to check the reviews provided by people who have already experienced living in your desired hotel. Just a word of caution, remember that any hospitality firm would give preferences to positive remarks. Here comes your responsibility of analysing different blogs and comments on distinct platforms to ultimately choose the best hotel room. 

If you know enough about a property or a hotel, you will most probably have a stress-free journey. Sometimes it might warn you about specific aspects of the hotel, for instance, dirty rooms, poor service, lousy food, etc. However, some reviews might prove beneficial, like discovering an inclusive bike rental policy to vividly explore the place. 

Go Through The Cancellation Policy

Although you are less likely to even deem this point necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt you to be on the safe side. You have already lived through an uncertain period of the pandemic, which should have made you conscious. We suggest you go through the cancellation policy mainly because you never what might happen in the near future. Maybe the government enforced fresh travel guidelines which ask you to postpone or, even worse, cancel the journey. Or suddenly, you might witness an upsurge in the number of covid-19 cases, and it's not safe for you to travel anymore. Such circumstances might call for cancelling your stay at a particular hotel. It's wise to check such policies before reserving a hotel to save on any unnecessary expenditure. 

Are You Ready To Book A Hotel Room?

The very first thing you need to take control of is balancing your needs and expectations. In order to achieve satisfaction from your journey, it's crucial to understand the reason for your visit. Once you acknowledge your goals and objectives, it becomes easier for you to focus on the type of hotel room you would prefer. For instance, if you are one of those people whose day won’t be complete without their pet. Then, opting for a pet-friendly hotel seems like an obvious choice. 

After reading through various reviews on different hotels, we often found a common complaint. Most folks seem to be unsatisfied with the room’s size. When you’re on a trip, you wish to be comfortable. So, be it a budget or 4-star luxe hotel, never compromise on your requirements. You must avail the best services for the price that you are paying. Also, in today’s digital world, ensure that the hotel has proper internet services so that you can stay connected with your close ones even while being far away. 

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