Things You Should Avoid while Eating Out at a Restaurant

Things You Should Avoid while Eating Out at a Restaurant

Things You Should Avoid while Eating Out at a Restaurant

So, are you a foodie? Do you love eating out at the best restaurants of Kolkata every time you squeeze out some time from your packed schedule? Kolkata is one of those very few metro cities where you will get almost everything, from the local Bengali platters to non-local cuisines and continental dishes. But, did you know that there are a few things that you must avoid even when you are eating out in a well-reputed, 5-starred eatery? Read the following to watch for some of these offenders –

  • Salads

If there is anything in this world that is highly beneficial for your health, it’s salads. Unfortunately, there are only a few eateries that offer their guests freshly cut fruits or veggies in the form of salads. Even top-notch restaurants may use stale fruits or vegetables to prepare salads. Vegetables or fruits that have been preserved in a refrigerator become germ minefields eventually. So, stay away from them!

  • Best-Selling Platters –

It’s true that the best-selling foods are the major turnovers for a restaurant, but to keep up with their sky-high demands, many eateries pre-make these items. Unless you want to suffer from a food-borne disease, you should better stay away from such edibles.

  • Non-Mineral Water –

There is nothing more detrimental than non-mineral water served at an eatery. Don’t drink from a glass that has been already there on a table. After all, you don’t know if it’s tap water or the mineral one. Ask for mineral water every time you tuck into a restaurant. Before taking a sip of water, ensure that check whether a glass is crystal clean. If there’s anything fishy going on, ask the waiter to change that instantly.

  • Sauces –

Sauces that are served at a restaurant should be avoided at every cost. Generally, most of the eateries tend to stock up on sauces that have been there for some eons! Beware of edibles that are dipped and drenched in sauces. Order something less spicy or dry to be on the safer side.

  • Non-Vegetarian Edibles –

Unless the food joint is well-reputed for its non-vegetarian dishes, there’s zero guarantee you are going to get something, which has been cooked at least two/three days prior. Sometimes, it’s stale or cheap meats that get cooked up substantially. No matter how much you love non-vegetarian items, play safe by ordering vegetarian dishes.

  • Breads –

A basket of bread is a standby at almost every restaurant. So, don’t get duped into shelling out a few bucks on gobbling on bread at an eatery. The munchies made up of bread should be avoided as well. For instance, pizzas or burgers are the most popular snacks that comprise bread as the main ingredients.  Control your taste-bud if you want to get your digestive tract rolling smoothly in the long run.

  • Ice-Cream

Unless an ice-cream is prepared in house, it’s simply not worth your money, trust or calorie intake. Ice-creams contain milk, fruits, chocolates or dry fruits. There’s no point of gobbling down a scoop of ice-cream if all the ingredients used in it are not fresh.

 Choose the Best Only –

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