Tips to Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Fun

Tips to Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Fun

Tips to Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Fun

Colorful powders, water guns, delicious foods, music, dance, and loads of ‘bhangs’ – it might just sound like the Festival of Colors, but Holi is a different ball game altogether. Being one of the biggest celebrations of India, the Festival of Colors is transcending cultures, religions and communities to celebrate the triumph of ‘lights’ over ‘dark,’ the victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad.’ We are already at the onset of spring, and Holi is knocking at the door. So, are you ready to splash the colors of joy around each other? Make sure to play Holi with loads of happiness and safety with the following tips –

  • Choose Colors Wisely –

Like the name suggests, the Festival of Colors is incomplete without the bright and colorful powders or gulaal. While buying colors, ensure that you are getting your hands on the herbal powders, which comprise 100% natural ingredients. The herbal colors might be a little heavy on your wallet compared to the cheaper ones, but each penny would be worth the investment. Chemical colors generally contain a lot of harsh substances that could take a serious toll on your skin or hair. The importance of a renowned brand is paramount, when it comes to buying quality-driven colors or gulaal.

  • Select the Right Place –

It’s a no-brainer that Holi cannot be played at any place. There are only a few corners in your house where you can play with colors. Ensure that you choose an appropriate place for playing Holi, at least a week prior to the celebration. The Holi-corner of your abode should not wrap in a dull or plain vibe. Keep the ambiance fun and festive-like with some edgy décor pieces such as crystal balls, balloons, flower petals, and the likes.  

  • Pick the Right Attires –

Nothing comes close to White when it comes to choosing the Holi-special color of your attire. However, if you don’t have a white attire in your wardrobe (which is a little strange, though), pick something that’s old, worn-out, and most importantly, no longer close to your heart. Your ensemble will be ruined by the stains of gulaals or liquid colors. You may not be able to restore their luster ever again, no matter how expensive washing powder you use to clean them. So, choose something, which has no emotional or sentimental attachment to you. Zero in on the light fabrics like cotton, linen, and the likes.

  • Get the Food & Music Ready –

The Festival of Colors has to be special. And, a special occasion is not complete without finger-licking food and great music. If you are planning to celebrate Holi at your house, don’t forget to arrange adequate food to treat the taste-tubs of your friends. Arrange great music to keep your guests busy on the dance floor.

In a Nutshell

In case, spending Holi at home does not interest you, you can celebrate the Festival of Colors at some exciting celebrations including, Rang Leela 2020, Basanta Utsav, Acqua Holi, Bollyboom Holi Bash, Rango Ki Ghoomar Holi Utsav 2020, Holi Paradise, and the likes. To know more about the dates, timings, venues or entry processes of these celebrations, you can count on Haarway. Being Kolkata’s one of the leading business listing companies, Haarway can help you gather all the necessary information regarding these upcoming events in Kolkata.




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