Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata for Your Upcoming Wedding

Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata

So, the big day is around the corner. The wedding vision is finally starting to come alive; the theme is all set, the guest list has been decided, dance choreography will eventually end up in swirls and twirls; it will indeed be the best day of your life. Wait, do you know what makes a genuinely great wedding? Besides the heart-warming feeling of starting a new life, it’s the food and service that’ll make your guests remember the date for years to come. The soon-to-be brides and grooms, we know how difficult it might be to get everything in place for your dream wedding. And looking for the best catering service in Kolkata could be one of the many challenges you might be facing right now. Since every detail matters, here are some key factors that you must discuss with your caterer-


To begin with, check out whether your caterer is available at the time you need them, as well as learn about the reservation and payment procedures. Make sure you know when your date becomes secure and when expenses are required. The last thing you need is a nasty surprise bill prior to the wedding.

We recommend that you start exploring for caterers and interacting with them at least 9 months preceding your wedding. Many facilities offer a list of approved vendors, including caterers, so after you've decided on a date and a venue, it's a good idea to start calling caterers.


It's critical to acquire an estimate of catering expenditures and what they contain as soon as possible. Inquire about the possibilities available to you, and let your caterer know if you have a financial constraint. Generally, they should be able to design a package to meet your requirements. Determine what is and isn't included in the pricing, as this might vary significantly amongst caterers.

 The most important thing to check is whether your estimate includes VAT; you don't want to be penalized if this is omitted. Several caterers may or may not involve crockery and linen rental in their quotations, so double-check with them because this isn't something you'd like to have to prepare for just before the event.

Make a Comparison

The majority of wedding caterers offer packages. Learn what is covered in the price they offer and how much it costs. Evaluate the budget to the market values and other suppliers' quotations. However, do not use price as the sole criterion for comparison. Take a look at the feedback on the food and service. These are extremely valuable.

Quality of Food

When choosing a caterer, you want to make a statement with your presentation and the food. Inquire about the caterer's repertoire, which should include visually enticing images of their food. Your caterer must have professional services and amenities as well as a staff of talented employees to serve your attendees on the big day. It's a good idea to talk about the freshness and sustainability of the vegetables your caterer sources when you meet with them. Seasonal cuisines have a profound impact on the flavors and taste of your meal.

Tasting Session

Check to see whether the caterer offers a tasting session, but keep in mind that prominent caterers will have minimal availability throughout the summers. An experience of what they have to offer will provide you a better understanding of their food's excellence, flavor, and delivery, as well as the opportunity to see how your unique ideas might be incorporated into their existent menus.

Great Expectations

A competent caterer should always be able to comprehend your overall plan for the day and pay attention to your ideas; they ought to draw on their extensive knowledge and build on your suggestions to exceed your expectations for the ceremony.


Select a professional catering provider with a track record of creating compelling and inspiring weddings and celebrations. Explore social media and websites to find out what jobs they've lately worked on and how well-known they are in the catering industry.

Reviewing them is the most essential step in coming to a decision. So, examine how much of their catering work is displayed and how much experience they have. Connect with others who have already used their service if at all possible. Inquire as much as possible about their expertise and procedure. If everything appears to be in order, you are good to go.

Setting the Scene

It's vital to understand the role of a caterer on your wedding day; except for brides leveraging a wedding planner, your caterer will most likely be the final vendor to equip your tables well before the celebrations begin. What you really deserve is for your wedding day to be as stress-free as possible. It would be beneficial to opt for responsible catering individuals who know what they are doing. All you need to do is unwind and relax, dance and sing, dress up and have fun. 

The best wedding caterers in Kolkata will go above and beyond to guarantee that every aspect of the décor, including bouquets, table centers, and lighting, looks flawless next to their dinnerware. They must be willing to ensure that a couple can realize their dream as they tie their knots. Your caterer must invest the thought and dedication required to accomplish this.


Finally, just as significant as the quality and elegance of your meals is the level of support your caterer will provide. You must obtain the highest quality of service from the moment you contact them, from the time of the tasting session to all the way till the end of your wedding day. Your caterer should be enthusiastic, cheerful, and knowledgeable about your wedding!

Final Thoughts

People would most often contact one of the top 10 wedding caterers in Kolkata after extensive research. Just a small tip, don’t always run after the costs for selecting a catering company. It has been seen that the one who provides cheap services for a grand occasion cannot perform flawlessly. Every minor decision matter; select the best out of the rest.

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