Top 10 Business Directory India List for Indian Business in 2021

Business Directory India

One might ponder over the thought of whether online business directories are essential in the current paradigm or not? But here’s the take, listing your company over a business directory India should be considered as an extension of your brand and not just a phase.

Well, we understand if you are not ready to believe just our words, but you can’t deny the stats. Based on a survey done by the Local Search Association, when individuals require a specific service, nearly 8 out of 10 customers will consult an online directory.

Also, as per Google, search traffic in the phrase "near me" has surged about 34 times since 2011 and has sharply risen twice since the previous year. So, you need to move past your thought of rejecting business directories as a waste of time and instead embrace it with open arms.

10 Popular Business Directory India

1. SeekaHost Directory

It's simple to create a business page and acquire feedback. The business page will be quickly indexed by Google, which will help bolster local SEO. Their goal is to assist 1 million enterprises in getting listed on their business directory and ultimately employing the best methods in the online marketing avenue.

They provide featured businesses with the option to expand their reach through digital marketing services. Purchasers who seek to acquire information from a specific company can contact the specialist business consultants with any inquiries they may have.

2. Indiabizlist

With numerous business categories to choose from, it's essential to provide complete and correct information about your company when creating your listing. You’ll have to follow just three steps to get the desired results for your business-

  • Add Your Company

Register and claim your brand on Indiabizlist, then begin upgrading your profile to earn the verified label.

  • Promote Your Company

Introduce your business to people that are looking for your products and services. With the premium company listing package, you may make use of additional features.

  • Obtain Leads for Your Company

Visitors have the potential to become consumers. Get more prospects from your listing at Indiabizlist and transform them into buyers.

3. TripAdvisor

If your company fits into one or more of these categories, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, recreation, or travel, you can leverage this digital platform to attract domestic and international clients. But why?

Interestingly, 463 million travelers use Tripadvisor per month, making it the world's largest travel platform. TripAdvisor’s focus is on making all your journey seem like the best trip. Their website and app are used by travelers worldwide to read more than 859 million feedbacks and views on 8.6 million hotels, eateries, activities, flights, and voyages.

Visitors use Tripadvisor to evaluate reasonable costs on accommodations, airlines, and cruises, arrange popular tour packages, and secure tables at excellent restaurants. Tripadvisor is accessible in 49 regions and 28 languages, making it the perfect travel guide.

4. MapQuest

For those who prefer to hunt for a company based on its location on a map, MapQuest provides flexibility for them to locate your company based on its physical location. POI searches, speech navigation, real-time traffic, and other services are free of charge on Android and iOS mobile apps.

MapQuest also has a mobile-friendly website interface. They feature several travel products, including a tool that allows users to check local gas costs. However, this feature is apparently only offered in the United States. The POI information in MapQuest enables the company to stand out from other navigational tools by directing users to specific business and location entrances instead of just general street addresses.

5. India Mart 

It is one of the most widely used B2B and B2C company directories. Customers can quickly identify everything they require and start the sales cycle, regardless of how extensive each item is. It has been lauded with several recognitions and prizes, some of which include- ‘Best Business App’ ‘Best Online Classified Website,’ ‘Best Online Classified Application,’ and many more. 

6. Yellow Bot

There are two versions that you can enjoy, free and premium. The former would key in the location and company name, and the latter would provide an option to add links. With Yellow Bot, expect the following outcomes-

  • Enhance your instantly listed business to attract more customers with a professional-looking business page. 
  • With complete profile control, it's more convenient for consumers to reach you on the web.
  • Expand your business with a positive reputation over the internet. Also, leverage social media to connect and engage with the prospects easily. 

7. Trade India

It's wonderful to have a site that promotes your business locally. Still, it's helpful to keep your company in a business directory like Trade India with a worldwide impact. By being a 360° Digital Marketing Service Provider and an E-Commerce Zone, TradeIndia has successfully remodeled the dedicated sales area. 

Not only does it let sellers and buyers interact, but it also offers payment security plans (TI Pay), collateral-free loan repayments (TI Lending), and logistics solutions (TI Logistics). In addition, it is the first player in the industry to offer SMEs an e-market avenue and services such as domain registration, SSL, Adwords, SMO, and Facebook advertisement.

8. White Pages

It's well-organized with a wide range of classifications and unique characteristics that render it simple for company owners to sign up and for customers to locate you. More than 35 million individuals employ Whitepage's identity data to connect with extended family members or long-lost friends, authenticate identities, and learn about a company's history. The white page is used by small businesses to detect theft, engage clients, and assess business potential.

9. Haarway

With over 12 million users visiting its user-friendly interface for fast and budget-friendly local service needs, Haarway will definitely offer profound recognition to your brand. So, how does it work? Let’s find out!

  • The Search Phase

Customers will use Haarway’s search engine to browse for their required services. The interface also allows the user to do specific searches as per their budget and location. 

  • Find What You Need

Once the user has filled in their needs, Haarway will compile all the local dealers or service experts based on the individual’s requisites.

  • Do Your Bits of Research

Afterwhich, it all depends on the customer to evaluate customer reviews, ratings, reputation, etc., of different companies and select the best one.

  • Make a Wise Decision

After collecting all the necessary details from Haarway, you can even directly contact the selected service provider to clear any residual doubts. 

10. Foursquare

You can register your company here by entering basic information such as its name and address and enjoy the opportunity to compose deals and create promotions to capture the customers' interest. Some of the best features that you may avail through this platform are given below-

  • Search and Recommendations in your Area

Allows users to look for restaurants, nightclubs, stores, and other attractions in a city. The app provides customized choices considering the time of day, the participant's check-in activity, their "Tastes," and their location ratings.

  • Tips and Expertise

A person can acquire "expertise" in a specific place or category as an incentive for submitting excellent tips.

  • Tastes

"Tastes" allow a user to customize their search results.

Foursquare includes a list of "tastes" for certain foods, cuisine types, and ambient factors that users may enter into their accounts to tell the software what they prefer.

  • Detection of location

It detects the location of a user through Pilgrim, a patented technology. The software uses location information to monitor a user's location in the background, allowing for push alerts of nearby places and tourist attractions. Foursquare "learns" what a user likes based on their frequent whereabouts, intending to improve user-facing suggestions and gauge a venue's demand.

  • Superusers

There are ten tiers of Superuser in the system. Users are given Superuser status once they qualify and pass a unique test to match quality and quantity standards. Only Superusers can make changes to location information as they provide reasonable modifications. Over time, superusers can progress to higher levels.

The Bottomline

Optimized business directories are given precedence on the internet, allowing your business to emerge as the top results on the SERPs even if it does not get the intended ranking. You may use free business listing sites to attract new leads and increase revenue by making your company stand out from the throng.

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