Top 10 SEO Trends To Watch For In 2021

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Search engine optimization is vital for increasing traffic and ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). A well-optimized website will consistently rank high on Google. However, it is changing on a daily basis, and we must keep up with its latest trends. To be at the top, you must pay attention to the smallest details and use the appropriate optimization tactics for your business website.

Furthermore, if you're looking for top SEO trends for 2021, you've come to the right place. Make sure to go through all the top trends mentioned in this blog below. 2021 will be a changing year for you that will earn you immense traffic.

Moreover, the best SEO company in India can assist you in incorporating the most recent optimization strategies into your business. So, don't waste your time and dive right into this informative article.

1. Maximum Focus Will Be On The Users

What is good and preferable for the user in 2021 will also be good for search engine optimization. This trend has existed in the market for many years and will continue to exist in the future. Google, the leading search engine, strives to give searchers the best possible experience. User behaviour is constantly changing. You should stay up to date on industry trends and optimise your website accordingly.

For example, search engines will direct users to your website via the SERP. In exchange, they anticipate complete user satisfaction. Furthermore, if the user is satisfied, he will return to the same search engine the next time he needs to search for something.

Lily Ray, Path Interactive's search engine optimization director, explained that a good optimization strategy includes putting yourself in your user's shoes and asking if the content is informative, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to navigate. As a result, as previously stated, all focus and attention will be on the users.

2. The Rise Of Online Business Directories

In 2021, the number of local business directories in India will continue to grow. These online directories, also known as business listing sites, can help you increase your online visibility and rank higher in SERPs. You have to list your company on these websites with relevant information and make sure to keep the information up to date.

You should only provide relevant information and not anything that is irrelevant to the users. Customers use these websites to connect with the best seller for their needs. They also look for feedback before purchasing a product or physically visiting a store. You must optimise your listing for local search engine optimization if you want to increase traffic.

Mandatory Things To Include In Your Listing

  • Business category
  • Proper description of your services
  • Appropriate location
  • Working hours
  • Official website
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Customer reviews

Thus, keep in mind that the more websites you list your business on, the more times your business will appear in SERP.

3. More Importance To Mobile-Friendly Websites

Top search engines consider mobile-friendly websites to be the primary versions, with desktop sites being the secondary versions. As a result, when developing a website, ensure that it is mobile-friendly.

Nowadays, most people use search engines on their smartphones. If a user lands on a website that isn't mobile-friendly, he'll quickly move on to another well-optimized site.

According to recent reports, an increasing number of people will use mobile phones to access the internet. Furthermore, the optimization of your website will be entirely dependent on mobile SEO.

On the other hand, if you have listed your company in any of the business listing sites in India, make sure that it is mobile optimised. In the long run, failing to provide rich content for smartphone users will make your life difficult.

4. Retaining The Customers And Increasing Their Value

At present, search engine optimization is not only about driving traffic but something more than that. In a world where Google is evolving more into providing user satisfaction instantly, keyword volume will take one step back and behaviourial analytics will the king.

Content will depend upon customer behaviour report through customer analytics. More focus will be given on what they are doing, how they are doing, and how can we make them do it an easy and quicker way. We learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that keyword research is not always the boss when the world is in turmoil.

User research can provide us with creative content ideas that keyword research may not be able to provide. Businesses will have to focus more on customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

Everything stems from your content; therefore, your content should be more vocal. SEO top companies in India can help you implement this strategy in a better way.

 5. The Use Of Voice Searches Will Increase

Voice search technology has progressed significantly. We don't have to waste time typing our query into a search engine; instead, we can simply use our voice. The introduction of smart devices such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home has made our lives easier and more efficient.

To optimise your site for voice search, rely on keywords. It is more effective with long-tail keywords and phrases. Furthermore, when typing, users use short terms, whereas when speaking, they use long terms.

For instance, a user will ask ‘what are the best online business directories in India?’ using voice, but type the words, best Indian business directory list. Thus, you must know now what type of keywords to use for your business to make it appear on SERP, when a customer searches using voice search.

 6. Long Content Will Dominate The Search Results

Do you that long content with more than 3000 words will gain more traffic and about four times more shares. With long content, you can earn 3.5 times more backlinks than blogs with 1000 to 1200 word count. To dominate the search results, you must focus on developing long form of content. However, your content must be of premium quality. Your aim should be to provide engaging information that can grab user attention.

How To Make This Possible?

  • Break your content into sections like H1 and H2
  • Focus on subheadings as they are very important for mobile sites
  • Link your content to relevant sources
  • Your content should be shared easily

7. Gain Prominence Through Featured Snippets

You don't have to keep writing long blogs in order to rank higher on Google. To gain prominence in search engines, you should focus on featured snippets. The main question now is, what exactly is a snippet? Snippet is a box that appears at top of search results.

Snippets can assist you in stealing substantial traffic from search results. To move up in the rankings, you must score a snippet. They are usually presented in a structured format, with rich images, five-star reviews, product prices, and other similar information. Focus on question-based queries and relevant keywords to create the best snippet.

 8. Understand The Various Metrics Of Your Website

Understanding the various metrics of your website is very important. Through website analytics, you can gain deep knowledge about your site. You must understand the sentiments of your buyers.

However, you must collect data on the following:

  • Website loading speed
  • Visitor source
  • Redirects
  • Response errors
  • Bouce rate

Moreover, you can incorporate website data for the following reasons:

  • Visulaize campaigns
  • Analyze possible behind your campaign’s failure
  • A/B testing messages

Therefore, if you are not analyzing your data, you are missing out on valuable feedbacks.

9. Implementation Of Internal Linking

Internal linking has been playing a vital role in SEO tactics for decades. However, Internal linking, despite being an old strategy, is still effective today. It will assist both your users and search engines in finding pages that are important to you. Users typically move from one page to another. As a result, internal linking assists a user in moving from your content to another useful piece of your content.

How Can You Implement Internal Linking?

  • Create content hub that includes one pillar page and blogs related to the topic linked on that page.
  • Provide a network of links at the bottom of your product pages that links to similar products.
  • Use related hyperlinks in your blogs to link to other content.

 10. The Popularity Of Local Search

Google is currently focusing on local news. Did you know that local SEO can help you drive a lot of traffic? For instance, the keyword ‘best Chinese restaurant in Kolkata' will yield more results than ‘best Chinese restaurant.' Local search engine optimization, on the other hand, has evolved over time. It is a good idea to create a business account on multiple online business directories and keep your information as up to date as possible.

Ways To Take Adavantage Of Local SEO:

  • Incorporate local keywords
  • Rely on online business listing portals
  • Curate content based on local events, news, and location-specific places

Creativity And Efforts Will Rule

Finally, creativity and hard work will triumph. I hope these search engine optimization trends will be beneficial to your company. Furthermore, you must list your company on numerous business listing websites in India in order to improve your local SEO and gain a lot of traffic. You can choose search engine optimization services from these websites, and their expert team will cater to your requirements, undertstanding your budget, requisites,etc.


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