Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

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Solo travel is on a steep rise! And, this trend is not showing any sign to wither away or slow down! If you are a travel-junkie, and love discovering hidden gems or tourist attractions to channelize your inner wanderlust, it’s advisable that you should give solo travel a try – at least once in a lifetime. We bet that it will change your whole perspective about traveling, adventure, et al.

There are perks galore of travelling all alone, just on your own. One of the biggest perks is the adventurous zeal that you derive from traveling alone. Picture in your mind, you traveling away from amidst a breath-taking destination, where the fragrance of unspoiled nature floats in the air and the melody of azure sky sets the milieu. It’s surreal!

If you are a rider, you should rent a bike, and broom away all your stress and worries riding in the lap of nature on a two-wheeler. However, with the concept of solo traveling, steps in a lot of prejudices and pre-conceived notions. Some say, it’s unsafe. Some call it a sheer desperation.

But if you are an ardent lover of nature, and most importantly a hodophile in your heart, you must shed your inhibitions, and start off your journey to the unknown all alone. This will give you plenty of chances to get out of your comfort zone, mingle with strangers, and acquire confidence along the way.

Still stuck in a dilemma?

Here’s shining light on some amazing reasons why you should go solo –

Gives a Confidence Boost

Traveling solo is empowering! Setting foot in an unknown destination – without having anyone in tow – is a confidence boost. Lugging a backpack from one place to another, scrolling through new places, handling touts and hassles without any companion by your side – everything empowers you.

Through such experience, you can squash the archaic notion that defines what you can do and what you should never do. And, this will give you a strong sense of liberation.

Less Hassle, More Fun

Traveling with a pack of other travellers is certainly a fun-inducing experience, but it’s not always devoid of distress. Cooperating with the other travel partners, keeping up with their preferences, adjusting with their choices, etc. could land you in some serious disagreements, verbal spats, clashes, or feuds.

The benefit of independent travel? Well, you will choose exactly where to go or how to spend your time without any guilt or fear. You can eat, rejoice, roam, and socialise whenever and however you want. You are the one to make rules – and break them too!

Solo But Never “Alone”

Think about it –when you travel solo, do you feel alone? The answer is NO! During your journey, you are most likely to meet new people on local tours, on public transports, or the place you choose to put up at. If you are not averse to striking up a conversation with a stranger, you would seldom be on your own.

Just one tip of advice – try to be approachable, exchange smile, share stories. Break out of your own cocoon. This might result in some occasional not-so-hearty encounters, but it could also give you an opportunity to encounter like-minded locals or tourists who might end up as your travel buddies!

Celebrate Only and Only “YOU”

A solo traveller nurtures himself/herself. She/he is on the top of his/her priority. In the daily grind, we seldom get a chance to celebrate ourselves, enjoy our own company. A solo trip opens up ways to you to unleash the real you.

Solo traveling is not just meant for those who are singles. People of all age group from every walk of life are increasingly showing interests in taking leisure tours alone because it’s liberating! A solo trip epitomizes the new-age ‘me time’, giving millennials a sojourn from societal stereotypes and conventions.

Saves Your Bucks

Solo trips eliminate all those reasons why your travel expenses could go up. Usually when you travel alone, you start to get self-reliant and highly flexible. You can save huge bucks by choosing a simple venue, a less expensive eatery to eat out at, or an affordable means like bike on rent in Kolkata to save more.

You’re the boss –and no one could really one-up you! With your budget being saved from getting over, you will get to plan out and embark on more short trips during a solo tour.

Travel Solo to Celebrate Boundless Freedom

So, what are you still waiting for? Stop procrastinating, and start making plans for your next solo trip, whether you’re looking for a short city break or a once-in-a-lifetime kind of travel experience.

Bon Voyage!

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