Top 6 Themes to Make Your Wedding Celebration Memorable and Magical

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Let’s face the truth once – India is renowned for very bright, colorful, lavish and grand weddings seeped into tradition and cultures. When it comes to any marriage related to a big-fat celebration in our country, a theme – a randomly selected one – is never enough! And, if you’re someone who is less aware of which décor theme is in vogue at this moment, it’s advisable that you should hire the right experts from a list of wedding planners in Kolkata to choose the best theme for your nuptial.

In this following tête-à-tête, we are shedding a light on some popular themes, that are expected to hold the popularity ground in the upcoming years. But, before we delve further into this discussion, let’s pick out some reasons why you should adorn your D-day celebration with a perfect theme!

A Match Made in Heaven Needs a Theme-spiration for a Grand Celebration!

Your wedding is meant to be the most momentous moment of your life! And, it will automatically demand a lot of extravaganza, glitz, and glamour! The dynamic you share with your partner-to-be is unique. Similarly, your preferences, notions, perceptions, etc. have to be distinct, too.

And, if that is the case, how can you pick a theme, which is traditional, passe or outdated? You ought to invest adequate time in selecting a suitable theme, which will go along the line of your choices, budget, and most importantly, the kind of celebration you’re looking to revel in.

To help you pick a theme – unique yet beautiful, pompous yet trendy – we have dug out a bunch of options below. Google them, get to know more about the expenses relating to them, and discuss with your beau before you go ahead and make the final plunge.

And… you go……

1. Old is Always Gold

No matter how many themes come and go, the charm of vintage themes will never wear thin! Consider drawing inspiration from age-old themes in case you prioritize a vintage theme.

An easy and effective way of channelizing it could be through your ensemble or makeup. Antique furniture, old wall accents, worn-in wooden seats, etc. could be explored to exude that perfect old-school vintage ethos.

2. Ooze Romance

Whether you’re looking to tie a knot against a stunning backdrop of a pristine sea beach or amidst lush nature away from the hustle-bustle, the theme you want your D-day celebration to adorn will always matter a lot. Generally, for destination nuptials, it’s the romantic themes that take precedence.

Delicate lighting, pastel hues, plenty of fresh flowers, hanging floral chandeliers, etc. make up for an ideal romantic setup. To ideate and execute a romantic theme with panache, you need the expertise of destination wedding planners in Kolkata.

3. Go Green, Choose Nature

Saying “I DO” amidst a lush nature is the wildest dream of every nature lover! Choose a garden wedding if you believe Mother Nature is your oyster. Choose lots of green plants, flowers, etc. as the backdrop. To spruce up the ambiance, hang candles, windchimes, or fairy lights all around.

Amp up the entrance with an arc made up of white flowers. Arrange the dining spots around trees. Choose floral-printed cutlery sets, table cloths, cushion prints, etc. To do justice with your imagination, choose local service experts in Kolkata, that offer premium wedding décor services.

4. Get “Traditional Vibes” Going

If you’re someone who’s planning to keep everything traditional, an age-old traditional theme should be your priority-topper. To add a touch of modernity, you opt for wine glasses, champagne bottles, candles, etc. to deck out the dinner tables.

If budget isn’t an issue, consider investing your money in a sit-down dinner arrangement, a classy seating, exquisite décor pieces, some stunning flower arrangements, beautiful cakes, and the like.

5. Chime in a Christmas Wedding

According to the best Christian wedding planners in Kolkata, it’s the Christmas nuptials that are gaining a huge momentum lately. If you want this festive charm to be infused in your D-day celebration, consider giving a winter-Christmas wedding a try.

Let the theme hark out holiday glee with some joyful arrangements including, a Christmas tree décor, warm winter cocktails, ornament escort cards, and the likes. Request your guests to bring you candy canes, cakes, Santa hats, etc. to set the Christmassy vibes in!

Wishing You A Happy Forever Together!

Your big day won’t just be special! It will be spectacular with the right ideation, planning, and execution. Marriages arranged and hosted by Kolkata’s top wedding planners are nothing short of extraordinary! These experts are specifically trained to offer a pragmatic and a fully organized approach to make your D-day a runaway success right from the word “GO.”

To ensure that all your dreams, plans, aspirations, preferences, and expectations run to perfection, make sure that you pin your faith in a crew of experienced, efficient and skilled wedding and event planners in the City of Joy.

Congratulations! And, we wish that you start this new phase of your life with happiness and blessings overload.

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