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cat coaching institutes in Kolkata
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With more and more graduates entering the field of MBA, the entrance-based exam's complexity, called CAT or Common Admission Test, also increases. It is considered to be one of the toughest examinations which, when passed, could raise your stakes in acquiring a viable and lucrative profession. Being a prerequisite to get admission in the top-notch B-schools, CAT tests your knowledge in the critical areas of verbal and reading comprehension (VARC), data interpretation and logical reasoning (DI & LR), and quantitative ability (QA). This brings forth the need for an unconventional style to solve the problems while simultaneously coping with the time constraint. For this reason, students prefer to opt for the best coaching centers for CAT in Kolkata so that they are one step closer to achieving their dream. 


If you are pursuing the CAT examination, then be consistent with your hard work and dedication. Eventually, you will reap the benefits of what you sow; always remember this piece of advice. You must already be splurging with enough motivation, so we are here to provide you with an usher of guidance in the right direction. We have specifically explored various CAT coaching institutes in Kolkata for the likes of you! We hope that you leverage this material for making informed decisions that will later impact your CAT scores. 



Established in 1998, Erudite has been working towards a comprehensive approach in developing student’s capability in cracking the MBA entrance examinations with ease. For the past few years, Erudite has been providing vigorous classroom training, counseling sessions specifically designed to cater to each individual's requirements, and an active e-learning module. All of this results in students performing exceptionally, which is why this CAT coaching institution has been positioned at Rank 1. Now, you must be wondering about their faculty members, right?

The professors teaching at Erudite CAT coaching center are from esteemed business schools, such as IIM, IIT, XLRI, to name a few. They are experts in their field owing to the fact that the teachers have atleast 5 years to 35 years of professional experience. The study materials prepared by them will surely help you in efficiently grasping the concepts, and if you still find it difficult, they are available to assist you as and when required. Being a cherry on top, Erudite has won the title of being the best MBA test preparation institute in Kolkata several times. You can be one of the many students who were trained here at Erudite and ultimately achieved their goals. 


Fee Structure: The course fee is above Rs 25000 for a duration of 1 year.


Address: BF 206, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 064


Career Launcher 


Ever since its inauguration in 1994, Career Launcher has spread its roots to almost every part of the country. They have been regarded as the second-best CAT coaching institution in Kolkata. With as many as 225 education centers located in nearly 175 sites, they have over 3000 people working under their umbrella. The workforce consists of a vast spectrum of professionals, ranging from professors, trainers to academicians. They are prized for their outstanding learning and working environment, comprising an advanced classroom and quality-based study materials. 


Career Launcher enabled over ten thousand students to believe in themselves and fostered an ambiance where you can thrive, learn and grow. Are you still not sure whether you can crack the entrance test? Don’t give up on your aspirations for as long as you can leverage Career Launcher’s facilities for your own good. Once you apply for their classes, you will have everything you need, and you won't have to face any problems. A single batch would incorporate only 25 folks, making it easier to handle everyone's needs with equal significance. The professors are up to the mark, and they are ready to support you in every aspect. You may also request extra sessions, and the teaching staff would be obliged to render such a service.  


Fee Structure: The course fee is approximately Rs.25000 for a session of 5-12 months.


Address: P-250B, CIT Road: Scheme VI M, Kolkata – 700 054,


Endeavor Careers 

“Dream, Endeavor, Achieve!”


Their motto embodies the core principle of any CAT aspirant. Before traversing down your journey of being an MBA student, you must dream and manifest your goals to bequeath an intrinsic motivation and relentlessly work towards it. Endeavor Career swiftly guides you upon your journey while molding your attitude, aptitude, and skills so that you are ready for the challenges beyond the completion of CAT. They keenly emphasize theoretical precision, accurate solutions, and the pace at which you conclude the paper. The mentors take pleasure in frequently organizing an interactive atmosphere while simultaneously giving feedbacks and arranging workshops. They are also ready to provide a private tutoring session for students. To gain a better understanding of their workflow, take a look at the steps followed by Endeavor Careers to launch your base-


  • Foundation- Students improve their standard skill set of each subject, and the professors impart a ground knowledge of the concepts. 


  • Fundamentals- Now comes the part where developing core areas is given utmost importance. This is done so that the teacher acquires an idea about the performance level of each student. Afterwhich, they strengthen the weak zones of individuals through personal mentoring sessions. 


  • Endeavor- At this point, people engage with frequent tests and personal guidance to improve their speed and accuracy.


  • Cruise Control- This module focuses on the holistic development of the individual and prepares them for the harsh elements.


Endeavor Career has had an enormous impact on the lives of so many successful students, so what are you waiting for? Count yourself on their list too! 


Fee Structure: Variable: - (Rs 50,000-60,000)


Address: First Floor, Shree Manjari 1/1 Camac Street, Near Camac Street, Park St, Crossing, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016


Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment,Enroll Now!


Your career should be your top priority, and the path you take to realize your dreams will be guided by an inherent call of perseverance and grit. Strive to be excellent in your field to develop a winning attitude. It applies to all the CAT aspirants too, for qualifying in the top-level examination in the country, you must bask in the light of hope, optimism, confidence, and hard work. You may ask us, what is the role of the CAT coaching centers? Such institutions are there to steer the way for you, keep you focused on the right direction, and help you with all the other requisites. Being guided by a team of experienced professionals and professors is indeed a boon for your future, along with your CAT scores.


 We made you aware of the top three CAT coaching centers in Kolkata. However, if you seek more valuable suggestions, we suggest you employ the use of a business listing service portal. Although there are various business listing providers available on the web, but there lies only one expert. Check out Haarway's list of Cat coaching centers to get in touch with the best supervisor in proximity at an agreeable price range. 

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