Top Destinations in India to Celebrate the Festival of Colours

Top Destinations in India to Celebrate the Festival of Colours

Top Destinations in India to Celebrate the Festival of Colours

Holi – the world-famous Festival of Colours is just around the corner! Gulaals or colourful powders have started making their ways into the roadside stalls, as well as, general stores. The plans and preparations of Holi are already making rounds amongst friends, relatives and family members. Holi, the celebration of the triumph of positivity over negativity, is a mishmash of traditions, age-old customs, parties, food, drinks, and dance. If you are Indian, and most importantly, a devotee to the traditional culture of India, you have got to partake in this chaotic colour-play. This year, if you are looking to celebrate Holi away from your hometown, then followings are the destinations to choose from –

Rajasthan –

Rajasthan – the land of the kings, palaces and a rich cultural heritage – could be an ideal place to celebrate the Festival of Colours. To add a touch of royalty to your experience, you can partake in Holika Dahan, hosted and celebrated by the Mewars of Udaipur. The celebrants light up a bonfire to win over the evil spirits and spread positive energies around everywhere. The locals in Udaipur paint the city in the colours of gulaals by celebrating Holi on the street.

Mathura –

The discussion of Holi is never complete without mentioning Vrindavan and Mathura. All the fun and frolic start off at least a month before the actual day of celebration. Prior to a week of the actual celebration, a grand-celebration takes place at the temple of Banke Bihar in Vrindavana. Mathura also begins its Holi celebration about a week prior along with a musical and colourful procession, which starts from the temple and ends at the river bank of the Holi Gate.

Shantiniketan –

The Basanta Utsav or Holi celebration of Shantiniketan is world-famous. Every year, a large throng of tourists flock to this culturally-rich town of West Bengal to celebrate the Festival of Colours in the open air right under the campus trees. This festival was introduced by Rabindranath Tagore in the University of Vishva Bharti. Students of the university, clad in the bright and colourful attires, partake in folk dancing, singing, etc. to bask in the celebration of this auspicious occasion. It’s important to note that Basanta Utsav is celebrated a day prior to the original date of Holi.

Karnataka –

The pomp and splendour of the Holi celebration in Karnataka has earned a flurry of adulation from every nook and corner of the globe. The main focus in the South India hinges around the traditions, religious beliefs and rituals. Legions of tourists from the overseas countries pay a visit to Karntaka in March to witness the grandeur of its Holi celebration.

So, What Are You Thinking?

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Happy Holi, in advance!



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