Treat Your Taste Bud with the Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Treat Your Taste Bud with the Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Treat Your Taste Bud with the Best Restaurants in Kolkata

As the age-old adage goes – “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Churning out a variety of mouth-watering edibles, Kolkata has been delighting the epicures from every nook and corner of the world. This noble and vibrant city takes pride in a gastronomically-rich culture, and hence it’s a shame if you are born and brought up in the City of Joy, and still unaware of the best restaurants in Kolkata! 

Thanks to the growing love for good food, there is no dearth in good eateries in Kolkata. Tucking into these eateries, you will get a chance to gobble down authentic local food, delicious international cuisines, and what not! Below are mentioned some of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata that are a must-visit for every food connoisseur.  Take a look –

  • Aminia –

Aminia is the pride of Kolkata! Being Kolkata’s one-stop hub for the tastiest Biryani, Aminia prides in a rapidly growing fan-following. Apart from serving the best of Mutton and Chicken Biryanies, Aminia has also won hearts offering a variety of Kebabs, rolls, Mughlai dishes, and the likes. Apart from good food, the homely ambiance of Aminia has also melted hearts. The best part is that almost all the dishes served at this eatery are extremely affordable.

  • Oh Calcutta –

Oh Calcutta is one of the local favorites when it comes to delighting the gourmets with 100% authentic and delicious Bengali dishes. Aligning seamlessly with the seasonal availability of fishes, prawns, etc., Oh Calcutta has become the paradise for the non-vegetarian Bengalis. This restaurant is another must-visit for everyone, who loves savoring Bengali cuisines at the best prices.

  • Peter Cat –

Forget its out-and-out western name! This eatery has everything to cater to your ‘Desi’ cravings. Reminiscent of the great Mughal era, Peter Cat exudes a 100% Desi ambiance wherein the waiters are found to traipse around in turban and tails. Situated at the bosom of Park Street, this country-wide famous restaurant will make your mind transport back in the bygone time with every bite into some of its lip-smacking platters. Planning to visit Peter Cat anytime sooner? Don’t miss out on its famous Chelo Kebab!

  • The Corner Courtyard

If you are someone for whom the ambiance of an eatery matters a lot, then visiting the Corner Courtyard should top your priority list. Besides an impressive menu, this restaurant has delighted foodies with its colorful and vibrant environ as well. If you love continental cuisines over the local edibles, make sure to tuck into the Corner Courtyard at least once in your lifetime.

  • Mainland China

Three words that instantly spring up in mind are hospitality, humility and amazing food! If you have an unperturbed love for the authentic Chinese platters, make sure to pay a visit to Mainland China. An array of flavorful recipes has turned this eatery into a one-stop spot for the best Chinese delicacies.

  • Flurys

One of the most popular and posh restaurants in the city, indeed! From the magical ambiance to the mind-blowing food and heart-warming hospitality – Flurys has been and will always be synonymous with the high-handed aristocracy. Located at a stone’s throw distance from St. Xavier’s College, this eatery has become almost a go-to place for hanging out for those who care a damn about budget while enjoying good food!

Apart from the aforementioned eateries, there are a legion other places to eat in Kolkata. Let Haarway help you find a good restaurant near you as per your budget, requisite, and location preferences. For more such customized searches, please visit the official website of Haarway.

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