Unique Gifts to Get your brother for Raksha Bandhan 2021 on 22nd August

Gifts for brother on Rakhi

No matter how many times your brother ate your chocolates from the fridge or how irritating you might find him on a daily basis, you will always have his back. Be it signing on his test papers with your parent’s signature or helping him devise excuses to hang out with his friends, there are several silly ways wherein you have proved that he means the world to you. This Raksha Bandhan 2021, let’s celebrate the undying and indescribable bond that siblings share, a bond as sweet as honey but, at the same time, as sour as vinegar. In the end, those petty fights and constant bickering would somehow lead to beautiful memories as the year goes by. Now, as Raksha Bandhan dawns nearer, it's time to keep aside everything and display your affection in the best way possible.

For people wondering, “What is Raksha Bandhan” after all? Well, it’s a unique Hindu holiday that is witnessed in India and Nepal to commemorate the love between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu lunisolar schedule, which falls in Shravana, corresponding to August in the Gregorian cycle. If you ask us the best part of this festival? It’s the pure moment of happiness when everyone is celebrating this joyous occasion and also the fact that you get loads of presents. 

So, if you haven’t decided upon the gifts yet, here’s a list of all the trending ones that your brother will absolutely adore-

Gifts for Brother on Rakhi

Sweets and Rakhi

Has your brother been feeling a little low for the past few weeks, probably due to some work-related problems or college assignments? Give him a serotonin boost with sweets that would ease his mind. As you tie the rakhi on his wrist and make him have a bite from his favorite sweet, you promise him a lifetime of protection, love, and care. There’s a whole range of different sweets available, barfis, Kajukatli, etc., you can even put in some extra efforts to make a gift hamper. And with the sweet melting in his mouth, he’ll realize that he can always count on you, no matter what.

Chocolate Hamper

With a chocolate hamper or a chocolate bouquet in your hands, who wouldn’t love you? Giving your brother a chocolate hamper is a perfect idea for when you are caught up with work and don’t really have enough time to look for some gifts. This happens to be a quick, effective, and loving present. There are several small businesses that could prepare the chocolate hamper in a beautiful way and at a reasonable cost. Also, since you care for your brother’s health, how about you put in exercising equipment like a skipping rope? This would be a reminder for him to exercise and not just eat chocolates. 

Cake and Rakhi

Will you not be able to make it home for Raksha Bandhan? No worries, you can still show your affection by sending your brother his favoriteflavored cake and a rakhi. Be it truffle or black forest, Belgium chocolate or fruit cake, you can get anything with just a simple click on the web. Far apart but virtually connected, how amazing has the world become? Just make sure that you bring him a thoughtful gift when you visit him next. 

Smartwatch and Rakhi

With smartwatches taking the world by storm, how about you gift one to your brother too? The big smile on his face as he unpacks your gift box would be enough to give you a wholesome satisfaction for the day. You have a wide range of brands, colors, and models to choose from; go for the one that best suits your requisites and budget. Allow your brother to have a trendy smartwatch to accessorize with his outfits; it’ll indeed be the best gift he has received. 

Personalized Photo Frame and Rakhi

Personalized gift items never go out of style. Why? First off, it beautifully transcribes the bond being shared, and secondly, it’s as unique as your brother. You can have a personalized photo frame with a memorable picture of you both. Or you can also order a customized mug with silly sarcasm like, “You’re the best Broth-URGH.” Such gifts genuinely bring out the sibling love because it has been tailored to your preferences. So, a custom-made gift with pop-up cards and rakhi would actually make for a fantastic gift combination. 

Bluetooth Speaker and Rakhi

Who would never leave your brother’s side and would always be there to lift his mood? Apart from you, it's music. Music and songs have a special place in everyone’s heart and to say that it has healing powers wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Gift your brother a Bluetooth speaker that would help him listen to his favorite songs anywhere in the highest quality possible. Trust us, with this gift, you’ll be doing him a big favor. 

Shoes and Rakhi

Gifting your brother with new shoes would be the ideal way to explain that you both make a “great pair of siblings.” As you scroll through Instagram, you’ll find a lot of trending shoes that would fit your brother’s style. Be it Vans, Converse, Adidas Sneakers, or Nike Air Jordans, you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can keep in mind the season and present him with the appropriate pair of shoes. Or if he had mentioned starting a healthy lifestyle, you can give him running shoes. Also, if you can’t decide, given that your brother has a tricky choice, you can send him a gift card and ask him to purchase it for himself. 

Marvel/ DC Goodies and Rakhi

Here comes a thrilling gift for all those brothers who are Marvel/ DC fanatics. You can never go out of gift options if you have a superman, batman, or ironman lover. Grab some Marvel/ DC merchandise like t-shirts or bags that has his favorite Avenger printed on it. You can also think of some posters that he can use to decorate his room. Basically, with a Marvel/ DC fan sitting in your house, the choices are limitless, and no matter what you select, the recipient's reaction would be priceless.

World Map Cardboard with Frame and Rakhi

Is your brother a globe-trotter? Does world tour count as one of the activities on his bucket list? Is he a seeker of adventure and loves visiting new places? If yes, you can gift him with a world map that he can use to pin on the locations that he has already seen. This will give an idea that you acknowledge his traveling passion wholeheartedly and that you’ll always support his dreams. Because there’s nothing sweeter than displaying a kind gesture of support for one’s passion.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Just a reminder that the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 22nd August, Sunday. If you’re wondering about Raksha Bandhan’s timings then, it's between 6:15 am and 5:31 pm. 

Obviously, choosing a gift has never been an easy task, but we know that you’ll make an informed decision with our article as your guide. As we wrap up our article, we hope that you get to celebrate a fun and joyous Raksha Bandhan with family, friends, and relatives. 


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