Useful Tips and Tricks of Baking a Cake at Home

Useful Tips and Tricks of Baking a Cake at Home

Useful Tips and Tricks of Baking a Cake at Home


There is seldom anyone in this world, who does not like to gorge on cakes. Whether being prepared as a gift to someone special, celebrating an event or treating one’s taste-buds, cakes are always a brilliant idea. Is baking a cake on your mind? Preparing a cake at home could be an excellent idea especially if you have a natural affinity to baking or cooking.

In the following excerpt, we are sharing the step-by-step guidelines of cake-baking. Don’t skip reading if you are planning to bake a cake at home. Have a look –

Make a Proper Measurement –

It is important to make a proper measurement of all the ingredients that required in baking a cake. Use a kitchen scale to measure out all the ingredients precisely. There are many aspiring chefs amongst us, who tend to use their instincts to make the measurement. Refrain from applying your bland ideas in preparing a cake at home. The measurement should be accurate. While measuring out the ingredients, refrain from over-using flours. Otherwise, you may end up over-drying your cake very badly!

Use Premium Ingredients –

The overall quality of your ingredients will play a crucial role in adding to the taste of a home-baked cake. It might be lucrative to purchase a cheap packet of vanilla essence, but it could get you into a tight spot in the long run. If you want your home-baked cake to taste heavenly, you should invest in a high-branded vanilla extract available in the market. Buying all the goof quality products may exceed your budget a bit, but every penny would be worth the investment.

Get a Good Recipe –

For preparing a cake successfully, you must not overlook the importance of following a recipe. If you are planning to prepare a cake which you haven’t baked before, you must follow its recipe thoroughly. The professional bakers tend to spend a good chunk of time in honing their skills. With time and constant practice, they grow a thorough understanding of which ingredient is needed is which measurement, etc. Hence, following a recipe is not mandate to them. If you lack such proficiency, then skipping the recipe could disappoint you with the final result. Abide by a YouTube video or a guidebook to unearth all the essential details of baking a cake.

Stick to Room Temperature –

The main ingredients like butter, flour and egg must be kept at the regular room temperature. A room temperature will help these ingredients get mixed properly. In case, one ingredient is cold, it might clump up and result in dense pieces of cakes. To ensure that your home-baked cakes are light, moist and fluffy, you must stick to the room temperature. When baking is done, keep the cakes out in the air for a while. Keep them in the refrigerator at least after 30 minutes or so. The cold temperature would cause the sponge to dry up very quickly, thereby resulting in a lack of flavour.

Final Words –

So, when are you planning to bake a cake? If time crunch is stopping you from sealing the deal, then you may tuck into a renowned bakery in Kolkata to quench your cake-craving. To find the best cake shop in Kolkata, you can count on Haarway, one of the best business listing companies in Kolkata.





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