Video Content For Each Stage Of The Marketing Funnel

Video Content For Each Stage Of The Marketing Funnel

 It's 2020, and the use of digital content marketing has become an intrinsic element of being successful in a business. We believe, the dynamic digital video contents are sheer goldmines for marketers. Why? Well, videos can be an entertaining and engaging way to promote your products, whether you sell handmade items on Etsy as a hobby or have developed a full-time business out of your crafting brand. The consumer's attention is shifting towards fun, visual and ephemeral contents.


In India alone, the trend of online video consumption has doubled in the past two years, reaching up to 3.7 billion videos per month. It is also important to note, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more time absorbing digital content than engaging in face-to-face interaction. Cisco proclaims that 82% of the consumer traffic will rely upon videos and, it will continue to prosper in the realm of content creation.


With the rapid boost in demand for video content marketing, you must make sure that your brand stands out. It's essential to acquire knowledge about the different niche of videos which caters to the need of the marketing funnel. This demands a thorough understanding of potential customers and the types of videos that perform optimally at each phase of the buyer's journey. Below, we've delved into the levels of marketing funnel and outlined the best types of video contents which will help you in building a reputable and buzzworthy business.


The Stages Of Marketing Funnel And The Choice Of Video Content


  1. Awareness


The customers stumble upon a new problem for which you have the solution. They begin their research and via marketing campaigns investigates your brand to feed their curiosity. It's the juncture where your brand needs to seize their attention on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, to name a few. Do bear in mind to keep your video content short and sweet, enough to hook and instruct your prospects about your brand. To measure the exposure generated by your strategy, focus on the view count.

Here's a curated list of videos which will serve as an inspiration to devise a strategic plan in the awareness stage:


  • Brand Films

 Generally, brand films are useful to generate an acquaintance with your audience. It does not mean that it will hawk for your products and interactions rather it aligns certain exciting or entertaining values with your company.


  • Custom Animated video

 Are you planning to push your boundaries of creativity to make a memorable impact on your customers? Well, custom animated videos can add a new dimension to your brand. It must convey the "wow" factor while being short, fun and eccentric.


  • Educational videos

 As consumers are searching for new enlightening contents, educational videos play a great role in implementing the ideals of information and entertainment. Through this, you will be able to communicate about the customer's problems and teach them about the solutions.


  • Lifestyle Videos

 It helps to create an understanding of the quality of lifestyle associated with your brand. You can utilize the essence of striking visuals and action elements to achieve your objective.


  1. Consideration


Now, the clients have unravelled a clear understanding of the problem. They are hoping to look at alternative solutions to reach the best decision. You should possess multiple videos to let the audience decide from a range of options. They should feel empowered by your brand's high-quality contents. Also, the videos could be 2-3 minutes long while providing more information about your company. The best way to gauge an estimate on the success of the consideration phase is to concentrate on the time people spent watching the contents. It is evident of the value your content caters to the viewers. By keeping them engaged in your site, you will realise that they are more likely to utilise your contents as their solution.


To showcase the benefits of your brand over the others, use the following types of videos:


  • Video e-mails

 Including videos in your e-mail marketing strategy will let you accommodate 50% to 80% more clicks, 19% more open rate and reduces unsubscribers by 26%. You may entice the audience by allowing them to view behind the scenes activities and such similar ideas will render much engagement with your ideal customers.


  • Product Videos

 Provide a structured and in-depth breakdown of what your product does and highlight the special features to stand out in the crowd of competitors. You may also include a product review video to help your prospects project the perspective of other users.


  • Instructional/ How it works videos

 The customers have an array of questions which need to be answered. Instructional videos, if presented in a fun and entertaining format, can leave a huge impact. It establishes expertise and assertiveness in your field.


  • Video PSAs

 Video public service announcements serve to guide the public's opinion and attention towards an issue. Its agenda is to motivate and captivate the audience while placing the brand in a positive light.


  1. Conversion


The customers have shown confidence in your brand and transform into a prospective lead. Now is the time to add a little push because this is when they will make a decision. You need to bolster the features and benefits of your company by creating an emotional link. The key metric to evaluate the favourable outcomes at this level is straightforward. How people respond to your Call to Action presented in your videos will determine whether they are ready to be a buyer. We are sure that the following videos will effectively aid in converting your prospects.


  • FAQ videos

 It provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers while answering their frequently asked questions. By adding value to your leads, you are forging the path of trust and connection. Eventually, they will operate to lure more traffic to your company.


  • Personalized Videos

 Adding a personal touch in your video means, customizing the contents to cater to each viewer. You may mention the individual's name, title, job, avatar, etc directly in the video. This emotional bonding may serve as the final push for them to make a purchase.


  • Customer Testimonial Videos

 It has been seen that 85% of people will look at reviews before making a purchase. With this in mind, you may prepare a video in which clients talk about their experience with your company. It will help clarify any residual doubts and give them the final incentive to become a buyer.


  • Case Study Videos

 The customers want authenticity and genuine connection from your brand. Case study videos will serve as the pedestal from which the consumers will know about the success of the company while handling their clients.


  1. Retention


Once the consumers sign up for your offer, gain their trust to create a sense of loyalty. Make sure to re-engage the buyers by expressing how your products still strive to add value in their life. It will allow them to advocate for your brand and eventually, drive more referrals and buyers for your business. Try answering the three W's of user retention:

  • Who's focused on your videos, and who's not?
  • When do they churn?
  • Why do they lack involvement?


A Thank You video works best as a little touchpoint to strengthen your bond with the customers. The whole point is to make sure that the existing customers feel appreciated for their contribution. Make them believe that they are still keen to continue the association with your brand.

By now, you have clearly understood the importance of strategically positioning the different types of video contents in each phase of marketing. However, you may also need to construct certain goals of marketing. Don't worry, we have covered this area for you as well.


  • Goals Of Video Marketing


We may consider establishing goals and objectives as a priority to guide you in the journey of video marketing. Before you hit the record button, plan out the purpose of the video.

During this process, you can follow the SMART rule:

S - SPECIFIC (Your goals should be well-defined with no ambiguity)

M - MEASURABLE (There should be criteria to measure your development and determine the progress rate)

A - ACHIEVABLE (To work towards a goal, it should be achievable or attainable)

R - REALISTIC (The goal should be made on realistic grounds, keeping in mind the resources and skills available)

T - TIME BOUND (A sense of urgency can only be created when the goals are constrained by time)


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the procedure of setting your goals, let's talk about what you should strive for in video marketing.


  1. Attract a large number of viewers
  2. Communicate with the target market
  3. Inspire viewer loyalty
  4. Encourage viewer engagement
  5. Increase your reach via social media sharing
  6. Generate click-throughs
  7. Receive sign-up requests
  8. Produce sales


  • Get Started Started On Your Journey


The critics believe that video marketing will have the same fate as email marketing because it is becoming highly saturated on all social media avenues. They assume that soon people will not pay much heed to business video contents because they will be overwhelmed to witness the same thing every time. But the critics have misunderstood the fundamental importance and strategic use of video in the context of marketing. You see, video contents manage to pique your interest and evoke a sense of genuine connection with your brand. It leads to an increase in conversion rate by almost 80%.

With such importance of videos in the realm of digital content marketing, it is high time that you start to invest in it too. If you are looking for a trust-worthy service to build a comprehensive strategy and to get the most out of your video content at an affordable rate, you can rely on Haarway.


It’s time for LIGHTS, CAMERA, VIDEO.

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