Video Marketing Secrets To Increase Your Productivity

Video Marketing Secrets To Increase Your Productivity

Are you still thinking to make video marketing an essential part of your digital marketing strategy? Let us remind you that it's time to transform those thoughts into action. Otherwise, you will fall behind the curve. The surge in popularity for video contents work in correspondence with the evolution of social media. It is considered a highly effective method to drive in more traffic, boost conversion rates, and increase ROI while building a connection with the customers. 

 The importance of videos has grown from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020, owing to the fact that consumer sentiments towards videos have developed much stronger. You may wonder why video contents are so beneficial? As you know, an image can be worth a thousand words but a second of video values 1.8 million words. Any concept or objectives in your marketing strategy can be converted into a compelling video format. So, throw in your bone of creativity to cut through the noise and expand your business.

 To help you further, we have compiled a list of secrets that are a perfect recipe for increasing productivity when blended with your ideas. 


  1. Focus On Narrating A Story

 Do you remember the marketing world before the rise of social media? You had to rent spaces and advertise your products on popular channels like TV, radio, or print. However, with the advent of social media, you have a new outlet to directly reach your audience. It is important to note that 3.81 billion people are active on such platforms because of entertainment and entering a new connection level. Your brand is competing with the entertainment avenue so if you were to focus on heaps of sale cutter contents, beware that it's a repelling force for your customers. In lieu of focusing on your brand to drive sales, you should instead aim to provide values to your customer. 

 Appeal to the desires and opinions of your consumers by harnessing the essence of emotions communicated via videos. If you want users to acknowledge your brand, focus on recounting tales which will linger in their mind and heart. An inspiring story will grab your audience's attention as it offers an ideal juncture where they are learning about new concepts and information about your company's ethos and culture. 


  1. Keep The Video Short

 Often businesses make the mistake of stretching out the video's duration to add in more values. They tend to include redundant information, fluff, and fillers, making the viewer lose the point of attention. This is what you should not be doing. When it comes to creating video contents, remember the KISS formula: Keep It Simple and Straightforward.

Now, the internet is flooding with all sorts of media. Your job is to engage the user while providing relevant materials in a short period. Always prioritize quality over quantity by assigning clarity into your video contents. This is possible when your objective revolves around one central idea rather than aimlessly meandering through multiple ideas. A cohesive and concise content will fetch you more viewers who stick to the entire length of the video and eventually, transforms into a buyer.

The video's duration will vary with the subject matter, and on the forum used for publishing. For instance, any sort of promotional advertising video should be limited at around 90 secs. On the other hand, if it's a how-to video being published on YouTube, stick to 5 minutes or less. However, for social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, a video should ideally last for a minute because people might just be scrolling through their feed and won't watch your video if it's too long. 


  1. Engage Viewers In The First Few Seconds

 An average individual's attention span lasts for eight seconds. If your video does not intrigue your viewers within the initial few seconds, then the possibilities for one-fifth of them is to click away. It's better to start by making a hook and then add worth by responding to the question, "Why should I continue to watch this video?" Through this, you will be proposing a problem while assuring the solution. The audience will be compelled to watch your video as it will be helpful to gain information on the suggested subject. Apart from this, you may bring in an element of surprise by harnessing the power of your creativity and look for something to stand out of the crowd. There are other factors which might influence the number of viewers for your content. Raise a statement and relate the answer in correspondence with your brand's ideals, permit the audience to laugh by curating a humorous beginning, or dive into facts and figures to intrigue the viewer. These were simply the tip of an iceberg; you have an ample variety of choices to settle from.


  1. Select An Interesting Thumbnail

 The intent of applying thumbnail to your video is to allow the users to have a glimpse of what it is about before they even click on it. It serves to provide a structured content display which makes it essential for a user-friendly experience. You can capture people's attention by investing in high-quality elements which seems like a miniature version of your video. Do take into consideration to display your company's logo and anything resembling the essence of your brand. If you have a series of videos on your profile, let the preview be aesthetically pleasing by implementing a consistent look and style. 


  1. Ensure Search Engine Optimization

 It's essential to produce exciting contents, but you need to ensure that the target audience can find your video. Search engine optimization is one of the efficient ways to strengthen the visibility of your video content. You have the chance of missing out on views if you don't optimize your creative work for search. Let's take a look at few tips to guarantee that your video pops up in the search results: 


  • Using Keywords In Your Title

 Like the h1 tag or title of a webpage, a video must use title integrated with keywords. If you want to rank higher, remember to limit your keywords at 66 characters. Otherwise, the appearance of the text would be too small to read.


  • Adding Description For Your Video

 The description of your video should contain keywords, but you should be smart enough to avoid a pile of words. It should convey a story about the elements present in your video so that web crawlers can understand what does your video entail and rank it higher. 


  1. Make Use Of Mobile Friendly Videos

 Do you know that half or more of the online traffic constitutes mobile, and 70% of the YouTube views came from mobile users? It has become your sanctuary because everything that you need is just a click away. So, your video must imply a responsive design, optimized for both desktop and mobile consumers. With this being said, there is no proper way of executing a mobile-friendly video marketing strategy, but here are some tips:


  • Remember the issue of low bandwidth

 You should make sure that your videos entail a program which determines the user's bandwidth. It specifies how much and how conveniently the individual would download or stream your video content. Without adequate optimization, videos could be buffering for hundreds of milliseconds, and users may drain the massive amount of bandwidth just while attempting to play your videos. 


  • Your videos should make sense without sound

 Fun fact, almost 85% of video engagement on social media happen in silent mode. It is advisable that your video's narrative pattern posted on social outlets should not hold audio as a prerequisite to make sense. People might scroll a typical video with sound but engage themselves in silent videos. They tend to receive the required piece of information via catchy captions or textual information present in the video. This may also happen because individuals might have their phone on mute, and they won't like to change their settings to acknowledge the meaning of your video.  


  1. Collaborate With Influencers

 If you were to follow the same old traditional marketing methods to attract the younger generation, you would most likely fail. The audience relies on influencers' opinions to guide them in their purchasing and lifestyle habits in the current landscape. You will be in the prime position for growth if you collaborate with an influencer who has a huge follower list aligned with your industry. This way, you will also be able to tap in and engage new customers while serving clarity to the existing target audience. Allowing the influencers to share the voice of your brand will definitely add values and credibility. 


  1. Incorporate Call To Action 

 Call to action comes into play when you want your viewer to perform particular action after watching the video. It gives a clear explanation and removes confusion to render a swift journey for the audience to transform into your customer. While your video might intrigue individuals, but it's the way you tailor call to action messages naturally in your video content that permits the user to become a part of your brand. This is the reason why, every video that you produce should have an ultimate defined purpose, a motive, or a meaningful action. Such messages expand your reach and increase engagement. 

So, what's stopping you now? Don't be afraid of the struggle because it is inextricably tied to purpose. If you are working towards something meaningful, then, fear will be your constant companion. To succeed in today's competitive world, it's essential to learn from your former mistakes and analyze it to create better contents which will resonate with your audience.

 Now that you have come to an end, you are aware of the secrets used to enhance your video marketing strategies. Let us answer to that one question which might be dawdling in your mind, "How do I devise an efficient video marketing plan?" Well, you may depend upon this premium service brand, Haarway. Their top experts will swiftly guide you to bridge the gap between your confusion of video marketing and the ultimate success. You will gain a high engagement level, increased ROI, and better conversion rates at an affordable range. 





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