When is Durga Puja in 2021?

When is durga puja in 2021

Durga Puja is around the corner, and the people of the City of Joy are already filled to brim with joy and excitement! Known as Navratri around the entire country and Durga Puja in Kolkata, the City of Joy, it is the cultural festival of West Bengal. Almost the whole country celebrates Navratri by keeping a fast for all 9 days. The people of Bengal celebrate this occasion by going out, pandal hopping, unlimited food, and full-on fun. If you haven't been to Kolkata's Durga Puja yet, it's time to make your tickets to Kolkata this Navratri 2021.

When is Durga Puja in 2021?

Durga puja 2021 starts on the 7th of October and lasts till the 15th of October, the day of Dusherra. Durga Puja/ Navratri marks its beginning from the next day of Mahalaya; the day Goddess Durga starts her journey to Earth from her home in Mt. Kailash.

Do You Know Why Do We Celebrate Durga Puja?

In a year, four Navaratis are celebrated: Sharad Navratri, Chaitra Navratri, Magha Gupta Navratri, and Ashadha Gupta Navratri. Navratri is a Sanskrit word formed using two words: "Nava" means nine, and "Ratri" means nights. This together makes it a celebration of 9 days. Out of all the four Navaratri, Sharad Navaratri is the most vividly celebrated in autumn, which is also celebrated as Durga Puja.

This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga, the symbol of energy and power. Each of the 9 days has its unique significance. Save the beginning of Durga Puja 2021 date: Thursday, 7th of October to start your preparations with.

Significance of 9 Incarnations and Colors of Durga Maa:

Each of the nine days, we worship different forms of Goddess Durga. Accordingly, there is a color dedicated to each day, wearing which brings peace and harmony along with itself.

Day 1 Shailputri_Orange – The festival of Navratri beings with orange color, the color of energy and happiness. This day is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri (The God of Mountains), also known as Parvati.

Day 2 Brahamcharini_White – The 2nd day brings peace and harmony, so the color of Day 2 is white. This day is dedicated to Goddess Brahamcharini, wearing a white dress.

Day 3 Chandraghanta_Red – The 3rd day resembles beauty and fearless, so the color of Day 3 is red, the color of fire. This day is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta, the symbol of bravery and courage.

Day 4 Kushmanda_Royal Blue – The 4th day brings good health and prosperity, so the color of day 4 is royal blue. This day is dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda, the Goddess with 8 hands, meaning she can overcome any barrier.

Day 5 Skandamata_Yellow – The 5th day brings happiness, marking the beginning of the celebration of Durga Puja from the next day. So, the color of day 5 is yellow. This day is dedicated to Goddess Skandamata, the mother of Lord Kartikey.

Day 6 Katyayni_Green – The 6th day marks a new beginning and growth, so the color od day 6 is green. This day is dedicated to Goddess Katyayni, the slayer of the demon Mahisasura and she laid a new foundation.

Day 7 Kaalratri_Grey – The 7th day reflects the energy transformation from demons to Goddess, so the color of day 7 is grey. This day is dedicated to Goddess Kaalratri, marking the end of negativity.

Day 8 Mahagauri_Purple – The 8th day is the day of Kanjak (worshipping young girls), Durga Ashtami 2021, signifying sweetness and power. So, the color of day 8 is purple. This day is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri, who is known to fulfill the young devotees' wishes.

Day 9 Siddhidatri_Peacock Green – The 9th and the last day is believed to be the day when Goddess Durga grants her blessings and fulfills all her devotee's wishes. The color of day 9 is peacock green. This day is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri, the Ardhanarishvara form of Lord Shiva.

Durga Puja: Celebrate the Festival of the City

The festival of Durga Puja marks the victory of good over evil, with the assassination of the demon Mahisasura in the hands of Maa Durga. The City of Joy shines with pomp and show during these 9 days. Pandal hopping is the culture and tradition of Bengal during this time. Here is a list of places you must visit during the Durga puja 2021 dates in Kolkata from Sashti, 11th of October till Navami, 14th of October:

  • Santosh Mitra Square
  • Baghbazar
  • Mohammad Ali Park
  • Shreebhumi
  • Lake Town Adhibasi
  • Dum dum park
  • Kumartoli Park
  • Deshapriya Park
  • Ekdaliya Evergreen Club
  • +++ so the list goes on!!!

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So, are you ready to revel in the celebration?

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