Why Do You Have to Pay a Wee Bit Extra Every Time You Check in a Hotel?

Why Do You Have to Pay a Wee Bit Extra Every Time You Check in a Hotel?

Why Do You Have to Pay a Wee Bit Extra Every Time You Check-in a Hotel?

With Christmas and the subsequent New Year approaching in lightning speed, the travel season has finally kicked in. Hotel booking might be one of the very first concerns to pop up after one narrows down a destination. However, there are always manifold options when it comes to choosing a hotel. Hence, it’s not at all difficult to find a hotel as per one’s requisites, budget, and preference. But before you go ahead and check-in your favorite hotel, you must hone up your knowledge about the hidden charges that almost every hotel asks for. If you have zero awareness in this regard, then read the following excerpt to stay updated –

  • Extra Charge for Added Amenities

In this day and age, almost every reputed hotel delights its guests with certain additional amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, etc. These additional amenities are lucrative but if you avail them your bill might shoot up to the sky! Such added charges are known as facility fees in the hotel industry. Most of the guests fail to understand these fees initially but then they end up repenting for not having read the finer details thoroughly while booking a hotel.

  • Phone Calls from a Hotel aren’t Free

A hotel room without a telephone is impossible to imagine! One thing that most of us fail to realize is that every hotel charges a certain amount for the calls made by its guests. These charges are a lot higher than the fundamental local or outstation rates. When added to the final bill of a hotel, such extra charges might even bankrupt a guest! Hence, after checking in a hotel, ensure that you use your mobile phone to make a call.

  • Parking in a Hotel is Not Free of Cost

Finding a close and safe parking lot at a hotel is not a cakewalk. Are you looking to keep your car in the parking lot of your hotel? You must know that you need to pay a certain amount to make use of a hotel’s parking zone. The hotels with velvet-parking facilities tend to charge their guests in the form of tips. The best way to cut down on these extra expenses is to use a local parking place to keep your vehicle.

  • Checking in Early Calls for a Loss

Checking in a hotel earlier than the scheduled time could add up to your bill unexpectedly and exponentially. What was once a basic courtesy of letting a guest in, now calls for a penalty! So, what should you do in case of an early arrival? You may leave your luggage at the reception room and explore the nearby locations until your check-in time steps in.

So, Look before You Leap!

The aforementioned additional charges can dampen your holiday spirit at the drop of a hat. This is the reason why you must thoroughly rummage through the fine print of a hotel that you are planning to check-in. Regardless of how much of a hurry you are in, you must not skip this step while booking a hotel.

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