Why Growing Indoor Plants is a Necessity?

Why Growing Indoor Plants is a Necessity?

Why Growing Indoor Plants is a Necessity?

You may have noticed many times that most people have a tendency of planting indoor plants in planter pots on their dining tables or by the window. Growing plants at home can have benefits galore, not just for the aesthetics they add to the interior decor, but also in the impacts they bring on the overall health and wellbeing of human beings.

From the time immemorial, many people have stuck to this trend of keeping a bunch of potted plants somewhere in their abodes. If you are planning to grow indoor plants at your 2 and 3 BHK flat in Kolkata, you must know their core benefits –

  • Improve Your Breathing

There are many seeds that you can grow in organic planter pots to improve the air you are breathing in. Plants are known to give out oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during daytime via photosynthesis. Growing indoor plants will maximize fresh air in a room, thereby benefitting the overall human health. Even though the process of photosynthesis gets reversed during the night, there are a few herbs that are capable of retaining the continuous flow of oxygen even after the Sun sets. By keeping the air of a room fresh, these herbs will induce better sleep.

  • Keep Illness at Bay

Indoor plants are known to balance out the humidity in the air via transpiration.  During summer and in a moist climate, a steep surge in humidity can be troublesome. Places with dry climatic conditions suffer from plummeting moisture in the air. In such places, organic herbs grown indoors can be a savior. According to some recent studies, growing indoor plants can also decrease the chances of sore throats, dry coughs, dry skin, etc. Keeping up with the humidity in the air could bring down the transmissions of flu viruses.

  • Act as an Air Freshener

Through a years-long survey, it has been proven that indoor plants can obliterate toxic vapors from the closed environment. Just as indoor plants can have magical results on the overall human body when eaten, they can keep the air free by giving out a lot of oxygen and taking in the harmful carbon dioxide gases.

  • Streamline the Process of Healing

It is a widely known fact that many people consider taking fresh flowers or event plants along with them while visiting a patient at a hospital. According to some people, keeping plants or fresh flowers in a hospital room will lead to a visible improvement in the patients’ recovery.  Patients who talk to plants are said to experience a speedier recovery post a medical treatment with visibly improved physiological responses.

  • Add to the Overall Aesthetics

Finally, indoor plants can maximize the overall aesthetics of a room. With an array of organic seedling pots available these days, there are options galore. The planter pots come in a large variety of designs, shapes, and colors, and can perfectly accommodate the plants. Many residents keep earthen planter pots with tiny plants on their center or dining table to beautify a room.

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