Wildlife Safaris that You Must Try in the Year 2020

Wildlife Safaris that You Must Try in the Year 2020

Wildlife Safaris that You Must Try in the Year 2020

When even a romantic getaway to an exotic destination fails to channel your inner-wanderlust, it’s the wildlife to where you should escape. India is known to provide a wide variety of wildlife experiences like no other. Thanks to its incredibly vast, as well as, varied geography; you can explore an adventure-packed and fun-filled getaway in India without costing a bomb. For the best wildlife experience, you must head out to any of these below-mentioned destinations in India. Have a look –

Kaziranga –

Famous for having the world’s largest population of one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga National Park attracts a huge throng of travelers from every corner of the globe. This world-famous park is situated in Assam. Wrapped in the lush tea gardens, this park delights the tourists with a fun-filled safari. The conservation activities of this sanctuary has received a lot of appreciations the world across. While enjoying a safari at Kaziranga National Park, you can spot wild buffalos, elephants, and swamp deer wandering freely. Don’t miss out the watchtower as it offers an amazing bird’s-eye view of the entire park.

Gir –

Want to witness a flock of lions lazing around right before your very eyes? If yes, then plan a trip to Gir National Park. Located in Gujarat, this sanctuary is world-famous for a huge population of Asiatic lions. This park makes for an amazing safari ride where you can spot a number of lions wandering about lazily. Apart from lions, you will also find snakes, sloth bears, leopards, crocodiles, etc. in this sanctuary.

Hemis –

There are two exciting aspects of Hemis National Park – the chilled weather and snow-leopards. This park is surrounded by a chain of snow-capped mountains. Hence, the weather of this place remains chilly almost all year round. This park also has a lush pine forest and some stunning meadows to treat the tourists’ eyes. While traveling to Hemis National Park, ensure that you look for the Asiatic Ibex, Tibetan Wolf, Red Foxes, etc.

Sundarbans –

Being the den of the Royal Bengal Tigers, the Sundarbans National Park draws a huge crowd of travelers from all around the globe. Apart from tigers, this jungle is famous for the dense mangroves as well. This marshy landscape is ideal for a protected wildlife for the wild animals that sneak around in the coves, bushes or trees. To spot crocodiles in the river, you can opt for a boat ride.

Chambal –

The National Chambal Sanctuary provides a stunning insight into a wide river system, which has spread across three states of North India. The river and rugged terrain are teeming with endemic wildlife that includes dolphins, crocodiles, gharials, etc. If you are a bird-watcher, then visiting this park should top your priority list. Every year, a huge flock of migratory birds including, small pratincole, vultures, etc. fly to this sanctuary. Colorful birds from different species flapping and flying around is a sight to behold.

The Bottom Line –

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