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With cars becoming more sophisticated and technologically enhanced, car repairing and maintenance have become really important. Regular maintenance of your four-wheeler ensures the vehicle’s longevity.

You must take care of your four-wheeler to keep it active, and this is where the agencies that provide car repairing in Kolkata come into play. Vehicle maintenance agencies ensure that your four-wheeler gives you a smooth experience on your way.

You will come across such repair agencies in your neighborhood easily. Finding them is a hassle-free job. These shops offer high-quality services at a low price. Haarway, one of India’s top service listing platforms, will help you connect with authorized car repairing companies to keep your four-wheeler in good health.

Why Choose Haarway for Your Car Repairing in Kolkata?

Traveling is an integral part of every people’s life. Today, owning a four-wheeler is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And if we don’t maintain it frequently, we will only be shortening our car’s health.

All car owners should maintain their car regularly for better durability. The centers that offer car repairing in Kolkata have well-trained mechanics who are experts in repairing a four-wheeler.

No matter what your need is, Haarway offers a plethora of vehicle repairing services like breakdown services, parts replacement, accident repair, scratch repair, and much more.

  • 24*7 Customer Support Team - Haarway has a customer support team ready to provide technical assistance 24*7. They will assist you anytime and anywhere. You can contact them right away for any issue.
  • Mechanic Service at Your Doorstep - What if your four-wheeler breakdown on its way or at your house. Well, there’s a solution for it. You do not need to push your vehicle to the service station. With doorstep car service in Kolkata, the mechanic will reach you at your preferred location. Such mechanics carry complete equipment tools and will fix your vehicle at unbelievable prices.
  • Dedicated Service Agent for Car Repairing in Kolkata - Along with customer support, you will also get a dedicated service agent. This person can help you throughout the whole process of your car’s personalized service. People can search for car mechanics near me 24 hours and get the best recommendations. Your four-wheeler will be in the right hands.
  • 100% Trained and Expert Technicians - All the multi-brand car workshops in Kolkata have 100% trained and expert technicians. They use modern machinery and high-class industrial equipment. Each professional go through levels of quality check before getting employed in the workshops.
  • Complimentary Pickup and Drop Services - People who don’t have time to visit the workshops can avail free doorstep pickup and delivery services from anywhere in the city. With this, they can just relax while their car is being nurtured at their place.
  • Multiple Payment Facilities - Sometimes we don’t have ready cash in hand or have a problem with our bank account. But with multiple payment facilities, there won’t be any issue with cash payment. Also, you can choose to pay after service or pay via credit card.

Maintenance Tips That Will Extend Your Car’s Lifeline

Here are some of the basic maintenance tips that you must follow to extend your vehicle’s lifeline. Have a look at them below.

  • Inspect Your Car on a Regular Basis - You must take a walk around your car at least once every week. Check your car thoroughly and look for any body damage. Inspect your tyres for any punctures or cuts. Double-check the brakes, windows, and even the sunroof.
  • Handling the Vehicle with Care - The owner of the car should always handle his vehicle with care. The four-wheeler must always be in control. Avoid over-speeding, and be sure to maintain the cleanliness of your car. Do not let dirt gather inside your vehicle.
  • Take it for Regular Servicing - According to the best car mechanics in Kolkata, you must take your vehicle for regular servicing to better its performance and health. Regular servicing includes initial cleaning, washing, fixture, and getting the four-wheeler checked by vehicle repair agencies.
  • Run Your Four-Wheeler Everyday - Run your four-wheeler every day to ensure that its battery doesn’t die out. During colder months, you should start your car regularly to warm the engine and batteries. Do not keep your vehicle unused for several days. This will damage the engine.
  • Check and Protect the Headlights - Turn on the headlights once a month to check if it's working properly and well-positioned. Inspect both the signals by walking around your car and checking your parking lights. To be sure if the brake lights are functional, ask someone to stand behind your vehicle while you engage the brakes.
  • Use Good Engine Oil - Use good engine oil to increase your vehicle’s lifespan. The engine oil ensures the smoother working of the car and reduces its friction. High-quality engine oil also protects your car’s engine from rusting.
  • Observe the Brakes - Break failures can cause serious accidents if not repaired on time. With the usage of breaks, the driver has full control of the vehicle. If the breaks fail, it will lead to severe road accidents. To avoid such circumstances, you must check the brakes of your vehicle regularly.
  • Clean Your Cooling System and Regulator - Don’t forget to clean your four-wheeler’s cooling system and regulator. With normal wear and tear, the regulator builds up a deposit that can disrupt the cooling system. Clean your radiator thoroughly to keep your vehicle’s cooling system in shape.

What are the Services Offered by Car Service Agencies?

All workshops and centers that provide car repairing in Kolkata offer the following services, have a look at them below.

  • Basic wash services.
  • Deep washing and cleaning.
  • Shampooing and sanitizing of seats.
  • Cleaning the car’s roof.
  • Interior vacuum cleaning.
  • Polishing and cleaning of the dashboard.
  • Cleaning the AC vents.
  • Fix technical issues like wiring connection, headlight, etc.
  • Replace windshield, door locks, wipers, tyres, etc.
  • Pick up and drop services for cars that need to be repaired
  • Fix petrol leak issues, vehicle’s motors, etc.
  • Most car repair companies offer annual maintenance of vehicles.
  • Brand-specific vehicle repair centers offer free services covered under warranty.
  • Providing installation and selling car accessories.

How Much Will it Cost to Maintain a Four-Wheeler?

The service and repair charge differs according to the vehicle’s model, fuel type, damages, and much more. Below mentioned is a list that can help you understand the approximate charges for various services.

Services Estimate Charge
Basic Inspection Around Rs.500 or more
Replacing of the parts About Rs.1500 or more
Repairing the engine Rs.2000 or more
Fixing wiring issues Starting price Rs.800
Changing tyres Rs.1600 or more for each
Car AC Repair Starting price Rs.1000
Changing seat covers Rs.1500 or more
Minor repairs and fixtures Rs.800 or more
Repainting Rs.2500 or more
Denting Rs.2000 or more
Annual maintenance Rs.3000 or more

Car Repairing - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q) How Often Should You Service Your Car?

You should get your four-wheeler serviced by the best car mechanics in Kolkata at least once a year. It is always better to service your vehicle from the top vehicle repair centers near you to enjoy high-quality services.

Q) How Much Time Will It Take to Repair Your Car?

Depending on the intensity of your vehicle’s damage or issue, repairing can take about a few hours or several days. For further doubts regarding the time required, it is advised to ask the service center.

Q) Do the Vehicle Repair Centers Offer Repainting Services?

Yes, the vehicle repair centers offer repainting services. You can get your car repainted from them. However, you have to undergo certain formalities if you want to change the base color of your vehicle. You can use any color based on your choice.

Q) Does the Service Center Offer Pickup and Drop Facilities?

Only a few vehicle service centers offer pickup and drop facilities. You need to inquire about the same with the service center and check for additional charges if any.

Q) What Materials Should You Keep Ready for Doorstep Repairing?

The service expert will have all the required equipment for doorstep car repairing. You just have to ensure electricity and let them do their work freely.

Q) Do All Service Centers Repair Luxury Cars?

It is best to repair your luxury car in their respective brand’s respective service center. However, any car repair center can adhere to minor concerns.

Q) What are the Estimated Charges Required for Vehicle Servicing?

The car servicing charges depend on the brand, car, model, vehicle age, and much more. It can cost you about Rs.1000 or more for basic servicing.

Book Your Car Repairing Services Today

Lastly, before hiring the car repairing services near you, make sure you know the issue your four-wheeler is facing. Knowing the specific problem can help you find the right service expert accordingly. Common issues can be brake failure, tyre puncture, petrol leakage, etc.

However, you can log into Haarway, one of India’s top-notch service listing websites, to find the best vehicle service centers near you. This listing website will recommend you with a list of verified service experts in this field, understanding your budget, location, needs, etc.