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Explore a Culinary Magic at Kolkata’s Best of Jain Thlai Restaurants

Not just distinct, vibrant and colourful, but the authentic Jain thalis are equally rich in taste. Are you on a lookout for delectable and pocket-friendly Jain thali in the bosom of Kolkata? If yes, then consider heading out to the city’s finest Jain thali eatery for a truly fulfilling meal. Jain cuisines are considered as the most disciplined and pure forms of spiritually-motivated meals, which are completely vegetarian. The religious ideologies of Jainism centres on non-violence, which is directed towards animals and plants, too. Those, who follow this religion strictly, do not even consume root vegetables or potatoes! The famous Jain restaurants in Kolkata ensure to cater to such foodies with pure veg and 100% authentic Jain platters.

A Fiesta on Bona Fied Jain Platters

The best of Jain food restaurants in Kolkata serve a variety of scrumptious Jain meals including, dhokli, doodhi kofla curry, spicy chole, paneer tikka masala, chawli bean subzi, and the likes. Most of the Jain thali food-joints don’t even include garlics or onions in their tummy-filling best Jain food. If you have a pre-decided budget to stick to, then consider trying out the popular Jain thali restaurants in the city. At these non-so-high-end restaurants, you can indulge in a variety of pocket-friendly scrummy meals besides exploring hospitable ambiences and impeccable services.

Find the Right Place to Eat

Through Haarway, you can find a reputed Jain thali restaurant in Kolkata as per your budget, food and location preferences. At Haarway, you can find a long list of Jain thali restaurants in Kolkata. You can choose a suitable place to eat according to your budget, location choices, etc. Also, via Haarway’s listing parameters, you can even check the genuine customer reviews and ratings of an eatery prior to heading for it.

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