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Sawansukha Institute Of Gemology Jewellery Desig
  • Time 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Top Diamond Grading Courses In Kolkata For Gem-Cutters

Do you wish to pursue a successful career as a gem cutter? With the booming jewellery and gemstone industry, gemologists and gem cutters are in high demand. Many reputed jewellery houses look for professionals with expert gem cutting skills. Taking GIA Diamond Grading Course at affordable course fees bring you fruitful job opportunities as a professional gem cutter with incredible salary packages. So, without wasting your time, check out the available Diamond Grading Courses online with Haarway to learn from the best!

About Diamond Grading:

Diamond Grading is a technique to determine the quality and clarity of diamonds in comparison to its visual appearance of optical characteristics. Using different diamond grading techniques, the gem cutter creates the best-polished diamonds eliminating all structural imperfections in it.

Course Learning:

  • The chemical compositions of the diamond
  • Details about the source of diamonds
  • Diamond’s extraction process
  • Diamond’s crystalline forms
  • Diamond’s physical and optical properties
  • Color grading and clarity grading of polished diamonds
  • Different Diamond Cutting methods
  • Synthetic diamond identification and diamond stimulants

Why Choose Haarway?

Haarway provides you with a complete list of the best GIA Certification Courses in Kolkata. We help you with the center’s contact address, training reviews, training fees, job placement opportunities, and course content. As you get all the information at a single place, you can save your time and effort in browsing through different channels.

Once you finish the Diamond Grading Course in Kolkata, you get lucrative job opportunities from reputed jewellery brands. So, don’t wait up long and check out the available course today!